Photos from the flowers show on Sunday












Well I did not win anything this year but it was my first time of doing and I enjoyed taking part  which is the important part and will look forward to taking part next year  all being well  have a blessing of a day



well I got the hose pipe out and gave my back garden compost bins a hose down then I gave the bins a little shake to help them move down the bin  I have not taken any of my back garden bins  but I use my front garden bins  instead they will get the same treatment later after baking ready for the flower show  photo 2I am still working out which 5 steams I going to use for one entry and can not make up my mind whitch farm photo to use


IMG_0852and for my garden one I am using my red hot pokers  hopefully  their will some on display later today to give me a better idea of what they mean my garden as only got tomorrow to get David to print them out for me

red hot pokersIi am trying to stay calm hoping a 9 inch pie dish with an inch cut off will be ok for my carrot cake as do not have an 8 inch cake tine

I let you all know on Monday how it all went  have a blessed day

My car boot finds today


new plants on green table

More plants for front garden all perennial so they will keep coming back each year all I need to do is keep an eye on the weeds


 Frames ready for art show   with my art club at end of July

all below blubs for next spring and yearly summer will be planted during the week






I never put in to a art show ether before so two new things are happing the flower show on 28 of June and on the 31st of July

this art show when I made my mind which ones I am taking I will show you

have a blessed Sunday


So I thought I would sow some of these as they are also bee and butterfly friendly and will go in nicely to my new garden area I am making slowly as I see some think that fits in I plant it in the area for them.





I show you all my flowers out in my garden shortly but first the dog treats that they have every weekend










These are the largest we have had from the butcher nearly good enough to put on the Barbie I think? Well they had them until Sunday evening then they went into the bin and they will wait until next weekend before getting any more.
They take in turns to have a bit of all 3 during the weekend
I am getting excited I am entering our local flower show held by the local Gardening club
(Ashill and Holme Hale Garden Club) Thetford Norfolk held at the Holme Hale Pavilion in School Road
Two photos unmounted 2, 2 home baked items, a vase with 5 different stems, one single headed rose of any variety, indoor pot plant.
I was hoping my mothering laws rose would be out but at present no sign I got a fortnight from yesterday to go and then I will see what I can use
I potted on some lavender

Well I have finished the hedge border now and about to start on the veg area now
Sugar snap pea’s in-between the wicker
I just come in from an hour and a half of trying to make an edge but the ground is just so hard rock hard at that mange a weed bit of weeding on the first bed but not edge it a bit of a disappoint never mind I will try another way later well I left it until the next day and have made some progress to day
Hopefully will finish it in the morning but the un gardener made me have a rest to day so apart from hanging washing on the line and made a cake that all I have done  so a bit fed. Get frustrated and  here are the flowers in my garden that are in bloom

My next projects in the garden


Is to turn this packing case into a garden tool and small pot store my husband’s boss kindly gave it to him for me in the old garden I made a herb garden out of one last year.

The tables behind will be going into the greenhouse which will free up some space for   other things

Hopeful I find some cheap fence paint so I can paint it to protect it

Just thinking on what to make the handle out of f  I got the 2 t bar hinges for the lid



Just waiting for the right screws to fix the lid on 2 the box and get some wood preserve to put on it

David brought home this small box that I am thinking if having salads in like radish spring onions  and baby beets and rocket  as it keeps coming back like cut and come again lettuce

photo (1)

I been slowly weeding the side were the hedge is it slow progress but it will be lovely when finished very hard to dig as never been dug before

And one of my other projects has also turn up this morning

The new garden pond


Needs a clean out but like the shelving for marginal plants

I cut the back grass this afternoon after having a tumble down the stairs quite sore but I will live as the saying goes

I planted t6o of the plants that I brought back from Easton College on Sunday just gone

Our greenhouse comes tomorrow sometime between 8am and 6pm in the evening  I hate just sitting still and waiting for  something to arrive


Even more so when it a lovely sunny day  out side

I was given some Alicante tomatoes the other day so some will go into the greenhouse and some might go outside in the bed when I get round making it

Well another sunny start to the day and I have water running of me 8am in the morning and I only just washed up from breakfast



I have re sown the rhubarb as it still not showing signs of coming up so I done the kitchen paper trick to see if the seeds are viable

I keep you posted on them  my in-laws and David have joined together as part of my birthday present is to by me a new green house  and I am also going to make a cold frame  as well as have no room to put seeds that have germinated and need potting on

The site we getting from would not let me copy and paste image but here is one from google images to give us both an insight of what it would look like

so when the real thing turns up I show you it properly it strange how you can get to rely on a greenhouse for sowing, storing plants, potting on and the like

In progress to get ready for the greenhouse I have 6 compost bins to move and as they are sitting on concrete I will have thing of a way to keep some soil contained under neath to help the worms as they cannot tunnel in concrete can they?

I have another 3 in the back garden but David has said no more to be placed in the back garden and the 3 are already full .to the top.

Just come in from moving 2 of the compost bins and the compost was able to fit into just one of bins have 1 and a half compost bins full to empty and the half mighty fill the first one up was surprised to see I had worms already in the compost and damped down each layer as I filled it up moving the two old dustbins that I am using to collect rain water for watering and filling the new pond when it comes.

As I got to the last one I found an ants nest in the middle so have had to stop until I can get some ant killer  well have moved compost now  and water well with hose pipe before moving it

photo 1 photo 2

Just seen Fred the frog have not seen him for 2 days

So was pleasing to see him

As my tomato plants were in the shade I moved them by the back door were the sun comes across I think I should of only put 2 instead of four but I can repot again if needs be when I made up my mind if they will go in the ground or the greenhouse once it up in a weeks or 2 time.

I have sown today 4/6/15

Runner bean (enorma)

Cauliflower (all year round)

Brussels sprouts (Evesham special)

Chilli pepper (cyan)

Only a few seeds of each and we will see how that goes leaving them outside apart from the runner beans as I got them on top of the boiler  hopeful it will not be long before I can put them in the greenhouse once it up

have a blessed weekend  and happy gardening

Can get frustrated

When your used to having a greenhouse it makes life easy for sowing and planting but this season I had to limit what I would like to grow as only using the bathroom and kitchen window sill you cannot put to many out to sow I tidy my table that is outside which were in old greenhouse   and now with I think the last day of frost I might try some outside on the table and see how that goes having a slight rest to day after completing the back border plus I using my golden claw to hold my trail cam to watch the pond

it nice to know that we have red hot poker’s might put some behind the fence facing the field along with some wild flowers to make it look pretty as folk walk by  with their dogs or ride by on their horses

So while waiting to make a bigger wildlife pond I am going to plant some lovely plants nearby for the outside of the pond so their already in place then it’s only the water plants that will need to go in I am also adding flowers to the current area as well to help get the flies and nectar source for the bees and butterfly’s

I put the trail cam on the bug hotel as since moving it is benign used this is a homemade one rather than a shop brought one but might get some to add to the garden in other areas of the garden

Just encase some would like to look at something else I have to try and get some more cams I miss my wildlife cams like crazy hence watching everyone one else’s at present

I just made a planter up to have near old pond and bug hotel  and I have planted two rows one at each end of the planter (BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) one row of( ANTIRRHINUM DWARF MIXED ) and one row of  (FRENCH MARIGOLD DURANGO RED) that sit either side of the

(BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) which also adds some colour to the back garden

And just made of only(  4 BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) in for front garden might move it to the back garden later I see.

So I watered the front garden pots this morning just saw a fly land on my window then a bird swopped down and got it amazing two quick to know the bird

Just mowed the front lawn it looks better than it was I just go backwards and forwards instead of up one side and down the other as it on a slope and I hate slopes back garden is my favourite as it on one level  and I can managed that

It been raining all day to day 2 of June 2015 so it been catching up with the house work as I cannot play outside in the garden