I have re sown the rhubarb as it still not showing signs of coming up so I done the kitchen paper trick to see if the seeds are viable

I keep you posted on them  my in-laws and David have joined together as part of my birthday present is to by me a new green house  and I am also going to make a cold frame  as well as have no room to put seeds that have germinated and need potting on

The site we getting from would not let me copy and paste image but here is one from google images to give us both an insight of what it would look like

so when the real thing turns up I show you it properly it strange how you can get to rely on a greenhouse for sowing, storing plants, potting on and the like

In progress to get ready for the greenhouse I have 6 compost bins to move and as they are sitting on concrete I will have thing of a way to keep some soil contained under neath to help the worms as they cannot tunnel in concrete can they?

I have another 3 in the back garden but David has said no more to be placed in the back garden and the 3 are already full .to the top.

Just come in from moving 2 of the compost bins and the compost was able to fit into just one of bins have 1 and a half compost bins full to empty and the half mighty fill the first one up was surprised to see I had worms already in the compost and damped down each layer as I filled it up moving the two old dustbins that I am using to collect rain water for watering and filling the new pond when it comes.

As I got to the last one I found an ants nest in the middle so have had to stop until I can get some ant killer  well have moved compost now  and water well with hose pipe before moving it

photo 1 photo 2

Just seen Fred the frog have not seen him for 2 days

So was pleasing to see him

As my tomato plants were in the shade I moved them by the back door were the sun comes across I think I should of only put 2 instead of four but I can repot again if needs be when I made up my mind if they will go in the ground or the greenhouse once it up in a weeks or 2 time.

I have sown today 4/6/15

Runner bean (enorma)

Cauliflower (all year round)

Brussels sprouts (Evesham special)

Chilli pepper (cyan)

Only a few seeds of each and we will see how that goes leaving them outside apart from the runner beans as I got them on top of the boiler  hopeful it will not be long before I can put them in the greenhouse once it up

have a blessed weekend  and happy gardening



  1. Helen says:

    Gosh, you’ve got an amazing amount of compost on the go, Linda!

    Great that you are getting the present of a greenhouse. I empathise completely….

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