MY orange marmalade loaf cake

put oven on to heat up 180 c

using my basic sponge recipe

4 eggs

8 oz of butter and sugar

8 oz any flour i used plan as i was out of Sr flour

small cereal bowl full of marmalade

you can use any time i just happen to want a loaf cake  line your tin with greese proof helps with taking out

bake for around 30 to 40 mins check with screwier to see if the middle is down  once cooked leave to cool then warm some more marmalade up and brush over the top



Yesterday was the monthly garden club meeting

we had a lovely talk on perennial  border or as others might call it the  herbaceous border

and this month and next month they do a seed swap and these are the two seed packets i brought home

PTDC0007 Not a good photo  but they are  the sSutton on is country meadow  wildflower and the purple on is Thompson and Morgan

Wildflower  Ox Eye Daisy witch will be a nice addition for the back garden  and in the raffle  i got these beauty’s

PTDC0006 Both lilies 6 of Stargazer and 8 of Asiatic mixed which will go out in the front garden i think  not sure to put in ground or pot still working that one out any idea’s warmly welcome from you all  as all ways

How to Choose a Garden Tree

Trees are important for our wildlife too

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog


I didn’t have a good weekend.

It started last Saturday when I was notified that my next door neighbour was in the process of having his very large English oak tree cut down and it ended with a blank, treeless view out of my window.

A tree really shouldn’t effect me this much.  I found myself pacing and went for a walk to get away from the sound of the chainsaws while my guts were churning in a mix of fury and heartache that life in that old tree was being taken away.  It didn’t need to be taken down.  There was no issue with it other than the fact I believe my neighbour wants to sell the wood.

Thing is, I love trees.  Trees are special and beautiful and majestic.  Everyone is unique both in it’s appearance and it’s impact to the environment.  They are also extremely important.  Trees…

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My red hot pokers

 After reading up on how to care for them as I was not sure what they were I was meant to mulch crowns in the winter

With 2-3 inches of mulch I see some of the shoots  were I guess the spikes will come are starting to show so I might see if I can get some mulch to cover it we do not have snow by the weekend


 A s would  not like  2 lose them 

 Google  image RedHotPoker(Greater)_2010_06_22_GrangeOverSands_094p1

I have one clump out the front ad one in th back  garden  I am seing a lot of brown leaves o I might plu hem of be fore I mulch f I can I kother pobley wi rot down once rhemulch I down

Refilling the tea bar feeder

M2E56L190-190R393B312Now i fill this with two kinds of filling  today was lard but some times i treat them to peanut butter

i get most kinds of birds on here from the wood pigeon to the starlings  and black birds in my old garden the wood pecker but have not seen him as yet in this garden  my Maggie seems to be camera shire  at the moment

not much planting or digging has been done so far i am slowly re building my seeds up as  briefcase with them in was left behind in the old potting shed  by accident

But when i do put new plants it be wildlife friendly ones and hedges  have a blessed week until next time