Well I have a lovely early start to meet other master composters,master gardeners and food buddies.  We went went to meet a Coach that had picked others up from Norwich and we were picked up from Thetford sainsburys car park  to head to the home of the Garden Organic.

And one of my blogging friends was their Emma Cooper link to her blog is here


Chris Collins who was once the Blue Peter Gardner many moons ago and when he stopped being the gardener for Blue Peter he moved it lock stock and barrel to Manchester.

The speakers for the day were

Chris Collins his  advice was we could spend 15 minutes checking on our plants in the mornings.

Antony Roach from Earthworm Watch.

Mark Ridsdill Smith on Vertical Veg and his link to his blog is here

I did 3 work shops

The first one was talking about Vertical Veg growing with Mark how we can use different containers to grow upwards.

The 2nd one was bread making I brought a dough home and the will be baking  some time to day tutor was Alison can not remember her surname

The 3rd one was Tie dyeing we steam one of the hankies and boiled the other using only natural items around the garden was very enjoyable,

The whole day incredible my first time of going  and can not wait for next years to come round again.





Well I was just checking my seeds I have in my fridge in different bags and small boxes yesterday and I was like a small child forgot  to take a video of me opening it but did when I planted it to the kitchen propagator will sow  another seeds in the other trays soon  it spent  2 years and it is a  Pomegranate seed in my fridge

so never give up on your seeds they will wake up when they are ready to   so happy gardening until next time and have a blessed weekend




I had a lovely day manning the stand  for The Master Composters, we were joined by the Love Food Hate Waste group and I picked up some lovely recipe cards as well as information  here is the link

On a plus I  had my photo taken by the local paper the Lynn News so looking forward to the article they do.

For the 2nd time was asked about do we sell the bug viewers think it might be a good idea something I will endeavor to find out


I had  some interesting  talks with the other groups about the different fertilizer which you can make at home now. Worm tea, Comfrey tea , Nettle tea , Banana tea, and now we can also do Rhubarb tea which help put goodness back into your garden.

One lady was telling me she puts her banana skins round her rose bushes.


All in all a fantastic day and of course there where loads and loads of Apples.


My winter fall seeds have arrive


So I better get yo finishing clearing the green house out and tiding it up ready for me to sow even I still do not have the area completely ready yet


I still have my strawberry’s waiting for me to open them and let them drink some water for an hour or two it said an hour on the packet before planting them but not sure were  I want them two go  at present

4 of this


Then 2 of these


All nice summer fruiting ones   I have had no luck with growing them from seed  at all

I do keep trying if I get some on a magazine but have not brought many lately last year I was give seven from neighbor and they died on me never mind hopefully I have better luck this time a round  If I can get them soaking after this post

I think I need to change my routine again as soon as my David leaves for work I am in front of the PC doing emails and watching the You Tubes that come with in the emails  and some times they can take up to   all day  . Be fore I realizes I got to think of sorting tea out ,

Must say David is very understanding and the only one who moans is yours truly

Like when I do want to cut the grass the mower will not start for me  but I still have some new plants to plant sitting out side in the back garden on top of my BB Q  which we have not use at all this year  never mind maybe next year

We still not got the big wildlife pond in the garden but hopefully it will soon  be in by the end of the year praying hard it will be .

Well I end this post here and go and give these strawberry’s a drink

enjoy your gardens while you can have a blessed day

this has the 2 Elsanta crowns in





that has the 4 strawberry crowns Cambridge favorites










Sharing a friends post 

Good Morning all, bear with me and read on if you have time or appetite, I felt this was something I had to share..
This morning I went out to water the plants in the garden

Due to the glorious summer we have had, they have been beautiful and still mostly in full bloom..

Most of them that is.
A particular plant, given to me as a gift by a dear friend has not fulfilled any of its potential

It looked scraggy and no real blooms had appeared at all.

One for the compost heap I thought to myself..
The Lord seemed to speak to me at this point and I found myself walking around the garden.
The baskets and pots still in full splendor..

As I looked aI realized that part of the reason for this was due to one major fact.
I had been ill all summer, not at work, not in a good place..
This year I had diligently watered the pots and baskets.
There also had been problems in the garden.
We had planted a bamboo in the wrong place, it was taking over the area and causing damage, seen and had to be removed.
This in turn had caused us to have to move some pots from their allocated place.
In one case, tearing up the roots from the place it had stood for many years, putting it in new soil, repotting and moving to a different location.
Do you know, these two plants have absolutely changed their appearance.
The ‘pot bound’ one looked stronger and healthier.
The other plant, whose green leaves had been faded and was often subject to being chewed at, with no apparent pest present, now stood strong and the leaves the healthiest and deepest green I had ever seen.
It was apparent that, where they had been placed and planted, wasn’t the best place for them to be.
I looked back at the plant, destined for the bin..
It still had life, but it was rather scraggy and many of its leaves and foliage were obviously dead, dying, or well past any potential they could ever have had.
I began to pluck at the foliage and pull off the offending parts that made this plant unpleasing to the eye.
A messy, almost pointless task I thought.
When I finally finished pulling the plant almost to pieces, there stood a little plant with full potential to thrive.
I felt The Lord say, move it to a different place and see where it blossoms and grows.
This plant is not dead, it has life and with nurture and care, it will show what it’s meant to be.
Each of us are like plants.
We differ in our looks, our seasons and our ability to give the full potential of what we have to offer, in the place we find ourselves.
I often heard it said, ‘blossom where you’re planted’..
We’re all in fact, planted in Gods garden..
We may bring forth amazing displays, we may bloom for for a time and then fade away, a bit like my petunias, they only come for a season and next year, new ones will be planted in their place.
The geraniums I have come up year on year, I just have to make sure in the colder seasons they are protected so they bring forth new plants next year.
Some plants seem to look after themselves, but all need to be cared for.
If you see a fellow believer that seems to be jaded, or faded, or wilting near where others are blooming.
Instead of tossing them to one side and thinking they are dying, they might just need a little help to cast off what is causing them to wilt.
They might, instead of being watered, need a helping hand to remove the dead and be moved to a new spot.
It’s taken me a time of being a bit like that little plant, not in the right place and not able to look any more than a poor example of my potential.
I thank God that my Father is ‘The’ Gardener…
He won’t leave me untended, he knows where I need to be and will place me there.
If you notice a ‘wilting’ fellow believer, don’t leave them to get through their ‘time’, or write them off as a lost cause.
Visit often, that neglected one might just be the one that needs you..
To breathe new life into them, by your presence and giving them a hand to reach the potential of their DNA..
We, after all, are family, we are one…
Wherever you’re placed, look around, even outside your ‘boundaries’, ask The Lord for eyes to see and hearts to reach another..
You may be well surprised of the potential you see released.
Now unto Him who is able, able to keep us from falling (wilting),

And present us faultless (full potential) in the presence of His glory

With exceeding joy

To the only Lord God and Saviour, be glory and majesty,

Dominion and power both now and forever..

Happy gardening folks