Weeding the front garden this morning

Today as the sun was shining I thought it was high time I went and weeded the two borders I have and plant my lilies I won last month at gardening club   and  I also reported my chilli by giving it some fresh soil  to live in  another year

And a new pot as well so it can extend it roots  and I sowed some sage

I have done one  border so far the rose border might get done later or tomorrow afternoon after craft club in the morning

photo (3)


I seemed to of got my growing mojo back again

PTDC0001 (2) PTDC0002 (2) PTDC0003 (2) PTDC0005 PTDC0007

After making 3 dl cards this morning  I started of by sowing my sun gold tomatoes  then I looked to see how much space I had left on my kitchen window sill  because until we  re build the green house I got nowhere to  leave things to germinated

So I have sown  a butterfly  mix some in a wee pot plus one in my half barrow  that had poppies in last year so hopefully as I let them got to seed should re grow again

Ox eyed daisy and  also  done both  again some in a wee pot so I can added them  to where I would like  to be  plus added the rest to the butter fly mix in the half barrow and toped if with fresh compost

Then I sowed some lobelia seeds then I looked at the kitchen clock and it was lunch time so stopped for peanut butter sandwich and a black coffee an apple for pudding

have a blessed week until next time