Look what arrived this morning

David kindly surprised with this lovely Kitchen garden kit as he hurt his back last week and had to be laid up and on the sofa as a thank you gift

we have chivies,parsley ,coriander. basil  sown in that order

David looking forward to watching them grow as he kindly put a bit of wood for me

to be able  place the box on


PTDC0006 (2)

Last harvest of chill’s last seasons  

and while I  was in the greenhouse I pick the last of last season chill’s and all David did was place them all in a jar with an a tight jar so never tried storing them this way  be for

so if anyone  can advice if it alright this way please kindly  do so down below


Started my chilli kit

I got this last year at a car boot stall so i thought i would start it today




STARTEDchilli kit.JPG



I have put them in my greenhouse and we will see how their do


papper waiting to be cut up.JPG

shreeded paper for compost.JPG

Here i cut the paper up into strips and bag up ready for my compost pile when i add my different layers to my compost bins deepening which one i am feeding


I took a photo of the red champagne Rhubarb today just to see how it doing


not looking to bad as i lost my 2 i got last year  nothing came of them





Update on back garden

I had a phone call this morning and Richard from Church came to see what he could do in aiding me to get ready  for spring  for our growing area  I am waiting for a more information  but we talked about re weeding putting a membrane down and covering with wood chip so this after noon   I moved apple and pear seedlings to one corner of the first bed then when we move it will be in a straight line without going round  the tree

only moving the birdbath and toadstool when we mow the grass


my home grown apple and pear  trees I must re fill my bug hotel  not sure with what as yet but i will find some thing you see that on the video

Greenhouse and plans for the back garden

Well it has stood up to all the strong winds we have had and here are a few photos coming up of whats going on inside





the cylemon dose not look happy so will bring it back into the house i think all sorts growing in their i am surprised that the chills are still growing strong

still got baby peppers on the plant but with it meant to be a baby one when do you pick them ?

one all frost has gone i re plant my palm tree  i might get some fleece for next year and just put it over it as it very heavy and I can not keep doing on my own like I did this year


Back garden plans

along the hedge I am thinking of planting  the seedling that I can not re member what they  are but do I put plastic along first to keep the weeds down ?

I am also thinking of adding some veg to the back border things that do not have to be moved like artichoke I have not gone through my seeds as yet to work out what I be sowing or planting   but will shortly but Having to re think how I do things  like think I am on my own with out a someone to help as each time he tells me to wait nothing is getting done and this is holding me back on doing the gardens

Love him to bits  but I get frustrate when I have to keep asking him to take me to get the horse manure and the used oats from a couple of miles away I can drive but we only have one car at present and I hate relying on other folk





Happy gardening and sowing and composting
















Now i have been getting inters ed in the different ways we do our composting yes were we can source things for free all the more better as we all say but DIET i never thought about making the items we put into our bins smaller the fact that their will decompose down more quicker giving you a quicker yield to put on your beds as mulch or as a growing medium
But all the items on the yucky side you can put in to a small bin called and it shows you in this short vid



But it all in the art of getting the right balance and remembering to damp down each time you put a new layer now how many of us use tap water to do it ?
i put my hands unto it but we should be using the rain water that we collect or leave a bucket out to collect some rain then put it into your water can to damp down your compost
but now if the weather mans tells me on the news its going to rain i open my compost bins in the morning or night before so the heavens can help me out
We all like to eat different things so it makes since to think about what we want to put into our growing beds to feed our seedling and flowers because if you do it at the start all the feeding you want to put into the soil you even put a layer of bone meal and the other things into your compost as you make your compost ready for the new season

do not forget to stir you compost up as well between adding your next layer of kitchen or garden rubbish for you compost


well happy gardening and have a blessed day until next time


After much humming and trying to work out which tree i am following

it been to wet for me to take photos today but one will be my home grown pear or apple from seed or the butterfly bush which are both in my garden so not far to travel