video and new edging for front Garden






We got this yesterday being 29 of May I  have to keep re setting the date  one of our neighbors had this for £5 pounds  I being after some and been saving up so once the mower comes back tomorrow and I have treated them with a wood stain then I will be putting them up in the front garden  photo to follow when completed








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My first stall in aid of Master Compost

10299016_1059394130750720_4345038827429150818_nThis Mundford Village Hall  were today i had  my first stall in aid of home-composting with the Master composters 22of May 2016

Just set up it was nice getting folk  coming up some were already composting at home

I did not have a clicker to count the people who came and chatted  and took information away with them so I use a stamp as my counter 16 in all

I was very pleased with how my first stall went  looking forward to many more

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Now got my Tshirt and fleece


I have not taken a photo of the fleece yet or rather David has not but will

it was nice meeting both Chris Collins and Bob  Flowerdew

A once in a lifetime chance that might not happen again

learning about seed swaps networks and seed gardenian’s and how they help the Heritage seed Library