Well what’s been happening?

Well the greenhouse is getting full sorry none of my own tom’s or blue lake beans have germinated so slightly still down but there is still time for them if needs be.
My dream of having plenty of vegetable’s and salads this season is slowly fading but I do not give up that easily so will be doing some re sowing of lettuce but we have had a funny start to the year weather wise plus with me being in hospital as well did not help ether
I must go in there I took some lavender cuttings on Friday morning and put in a jar of water and gave them some rooting powder this morning and put in a square pot.

I sorted one jar of spider pups out have another one in greenhouse to do later.

Looks like my butterfly cuttings have taken and my sage cuttings so far which is good.
I have been sowing some wildflower seed around the front and back garden so in time it will help our bee’s and butterfly’s. I have panted strawberry’s out the front and they are looking good. Hopefully I will be able to have the right-hand border back tomorrow have not been able to prune my mother in law’s rose’s due to having something blocking it for two years (a car in the way)

Well I have just done a bit of weeding and I have cleared out weeds from two of my pots that are out in the front garden. In one have put African Daisy (osteospermum Limpopo) and in the other one Chrysanthemum (Eastern start).






Well we managed to get the back and from grass cut today and i tied a plant in that moved yesterday but forgot it name planted some more purple leave plant i go and get the label Heuchera when i weed the bed i find the rest of them nice to see the bees and butterfly about as well enjoy your gardens