First day of spring

First day of spring

Now when I was going through the old bereft case that I stored my seeds in it got left behind in the shed when we moved in December  but it was reunited to me a  week ago smells very musty some of the seeds were damp one of them were some broad beans I was going to through them a way in the bin but thought I would see if they would grow so I planted then it to a big pot with a tree in  and all the loose  seeds which were dry I just sprinkled on a small patch and we will see what happens

All these seeds were nice and dry that I sowed below

Chilli pepper (cayenne hot )

Onion seed (Bedfordshire champion)

Spring onion (white l white Lisbon)

Tomato (red pear)

Leek (Lyon 2 prize taker)

Now this came from Face book but useful if you do not want things flying around at night while you’re eating


The sun has been lovely this afternoon  let’s hope it is like this tomorrow want to put my washing out on the line

Today I have changed some hanging baskets around in the front one has yarrow in it and I cannot Rember what the other plant is but I hope it will look good and by the yarrow I put a small bird box  by it



I put some pots by the wildlife pond that needs a clean and some get some   Oxygenator & floating plants    as it has not had any it at all

I think they only used for drink cans I put my trail cam to have a look  and if I am happy with the pots their I will plant them properly in that area and I might replace the blue washing up bowl  pond with a red washing up bowl but I will drain the water into another container then use my sieve to catch the dead flies or bees I take a close look  and if there any pond wildlife they can crawl back into the new pond

On Sunday morning 22/03/2015

I found this lovely  vase of Daffolds  what a nice surprise on my doorstep  they smell lovely pity I do not  have  FLOWER PRESS  otherwise I might press them towards the end of the week  as a keep sake  .


Then I was put out of action by getting David’s man flu hate beaning laid up when I got so much to do garden wise  just starting to fill a bit better in myself again

keep going dizzy if i climb up a stool do not know why i do not like leaving everything for David to do all the time

have a blessed weekend


a mixture

plus i need to clear some of my gallery to upload some photos  get frustrated doing that is their an easy way please

IMG_1888 (1)70993_2102392553B_P1156_IMG_15_0000_max_135x100brassic a bedW ell I am so glad  to have my new greenhouse back up I got to work a way of holding the door up as the little ties are to short  to use

No I have not made a plan up so for this year  but will try and get one done soon  it smaller than my last on  I might have to put some small tables in as  staging

This is the back garden lay out so far

This standing at the bottom of the garden

Now I have roughly four squares that I guessing was the last tenants growing area one is fall of fruit canes and guessing raspberries

I put all my fruit trees in one corner of each square apart from my two I grew from seed the apple and the pear

I have two complete compost bins and one nearly full and half one fall of leaf mould in the making

New bed spuds
Fruit cane bed
Braccic like sprouts

So I got lots to do and along with making the front garden looking nice as well I have a rose bed and a mixture two one end

Well today I trimmed the grass out the front garden for the first time

After doing it I came in and had a nice warm drink

Not sure what I will do next but I will find something to do  so what this space

Baking day


10612877_1082751038418532_6364006850379637919_nMy plain sponge cake

8 oz flour (plain this time )

8 oz of butter or marg

8 oz of sugar

4 eggs with a few drops of villa extract

180 c oven temp pr heat

bake until golden brown  25 mins



Since Sunday I have slowly been weeding the very back narrow border at the back of the garden

I have a little bit left to do and it by my dove cote and then I will carry on down the side and de weed the raspberry patch and dig over another bed not sure if I am going to make it into a raised bed to stop the dogs walking over the area and leaving calling cards on it.

I am in the middle of moving some of my compost bins as I am going to putting  my greenhouse up and it should be sheltered from the winds and the sun sits all day over that area where I am planingIMG_1888 (1) to put

it sheltered from the wind and i have made some adjustments well David has he put some zip tiers round the poles  top and bottom to keep the cover on and from lifting up

so far i have my 3 year old Chill plant my pineapple  plant just potted on some sage plants  and butterfly mix plants


for not reading any post they have not come to me email in box for some reason

will try and get it  sorted out

praying i start seeing life in all my fruit trees i brought with me to new home even my two i grew from seed are looking sad will do some videos soon again

sending you all blessing until next time

Glad to say the lawn mower is fixed so I can now once I got some petrol soon cut the grass plus it will help with another layer for my composting as well

As cardboard and weeds and kitchen waste

Not sure which tree to follow as yet?

For some reason I’m not getting all the post to my email  hence have not been likening your post  like I normal do