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There’s s lot of talk on Twitter at the moment about feeding a family on a budget. Yes of course I’ve been asked for my tuppence worth. I make no secret of the fact that in 2007 I was feeding my family of six on a budget of €50 per week. Yes, two adults and four children and we ate well ( I refer to this in my book Food from an Irish Garden). IMG_6384For some, being on a tight budget is just the catalyst needed to get sowing and growing their own fruit and vegetables. It was for me.
Now before I go any further let me say this.
I received my Pride of Ireland award for my contribution to promoting Irish artisan producers all over the country. I am so honoured to be a recipient and it is an absolute pleasure for me to interview artisans on my…

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My current fruit tree’s and i think i need to replace one or two of them now

Walked round the garden today and it looks like I’m going to have to get a new damson tree we brought the damson plum from our old home there are no buds on it at all unlike all the other fruit trees we brought from our old garden have some lovely buds on.

We have one already in the garden that was here when we moved in and that is a Victoria plum tree we only got one plum last year and we did quite well with the apple tree that was already in the garden but no pears from the pear tree already in the garden.

The dogs and I had a lovely time in and out of the garden I put my poles up for the peas when they shoot from the modules I put them in.
I am panicking a wee bit as at present I do not think I have enough growing space as at present I only have two raised beds set up and one is quite full

But I do have some big container if David will let me use them but he can be a wee bit funny about certain things in the garden if they’re not meant to be in garden then he will not let me use them.









Just been given a Buddleja mixed seed packet

photo (3)

Now one of the best ways to give them a head start is to places them in some soil and ether place the soil in a plastic bag but I am using an old mealworm container and put it into the fridge for four weeks then move into small pots and put into the greenhouse or cold frame before planting in final spot in the garden and aftercare is in spring prune to 3to 5 inches of the old wood to help with shape control

The bluetits keep making the hole bigger nearly every day

And we have a field mouse who likes our nightime feeding station during the day as well as at nightime as he keeps going upstairs quite often I just hope he does not disturb one of the hedgehogs hibernating up their since we been told we can not keep chickens I turn both the coops over to the wildlife to use and the rabbit hutch is also other feeding station I plan to have camera on both stations soon .


The trail cam took that the other night when I was seeking if any of my two recued hogs had woken up I always leave food and water in their of them just encase their need some and change the water every day

you might remember the apple seed well here is one a week on from being planted

caption id=”attachment_2735″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]the apple seed from the fridge the apple seed from the fridge [/caption]http://youtu.be/4EdqOXXDlfc

What would you grow in a 6×2 garden space

Well there are a group of bloggers who live all over the world who will be growing 12 crops in that space you can change the type of crop but must explain why but they must be edible or help the garden in some way.

Below is my collection that I will be planting and I have changed one or to crops from what the others are going to be growing and will show you below my collection and I have also added the variety of each crop you do not have 2
Now I am thinking also with all the seeds from my seedy penpals I might make another 2 beds up for all their seeds then each year give the beds names of who I got my seeds from ?

As there are other items I would like to grow as well and David is only letting me have only a small part of the garden as I got to make sure the dogs have enough room to run around in as well as keeping me happy with all that I would like to do in the garden apart from growing thing I mean

Like a wildlife pond more flowers in the wildlife area


Now here are the crops that everyone else will be growing and you can find out more by clicking the link here http://www.hiemstragardens.com/garden-connect.html


Look what jumped into our shopping trolly today

This will be my first attempt at growing asparagus we got this one which is a high yielding (Gijnlim F1 )

This willPTDC0002

And we got this one Asparagus ( Pacific Purple sweet & tender, excellent for salads


Then this jumped into the trolley

And this is very good as you have two sections to it which will be ideal when planting out and as their is only two of us their are ideal I am sure I will be able to share some spare produce came harvest time I plan to get 3 more then that leaves the first bed David made I will have 5 raised beds one for items that do not need to be moved like the asparagus and rhubarb I only have one plant of Rhubarb at present .so might squeezes another crown in watch this space
have a lovely rest of weekend