Update on back garden

I was going to put video on of greenhouse but wordpress will not except for some reason    first too are from upstairs window we cut back the blackberry bush and uncovered the little pond the blue on which did have a little frog in but have not seen him lately and I unmoved and moved the bug hotel along a bit new photo to come shortly

I was surprised how much more room we have  I am going to use the hedge clippers next time David used hand shears this time round and I just pushed the clippings back under Neath the bush for the wildlife to use over winter

the dogs are fine and the birds are doing fine as well

just got to get the borders and veg area sorted for next spring

have a blessed day and stay safe and happy gardening




Taking plants for the winter

Well on the weather new last night they said we could have some snow

so David said had I put the bubble wrap round the palm tree and I said no as was not sure how to whether I need to make frame or just wrap round the plant so I decide  it could spend the winter in the greenhouse along with my cannulas I only planted 3 now have 5 plants to over winter will be getting some hay or straw which is best please let me know down below

please and thank you in advance

well have not taken photo of it but chocolate has broken my mop bucket he thought while I was busy with the plants he would help himself to a new toy meaning my becket I will re use as a planter for veg or strawberry’s  in the brown envelope is some fennel seed hopefully we will use them in cooking  I have left some to self seed to make more plants  I will cut the old wood down later and try to do some more videos as well

well wrap up warm and be careful if we get that white stuff  have a blessed weekend and God bless to you all