Back garden photos

I took these this morning and as I have to keep deleting some of my photo to put new ones up I am trying out this app with Instagram and movie maker to make a slide show for the blog  so far so good .

when you look at the long hedge were I tried to grow under neath it it looks impossible to as it keeps coming further out THE HEDGE UNLESS I TRIM IT EVERY MONTH

in middle if cleaning greenhouse out the white netting hiding my courgette is out side I was afraid I would loose all my fruit with it sitting on shelving and not in the right size put to start with so  I used what I had  the time

I have not taken photo but the grapevine is doing good it next doors last year I kept pruning it only  once and it another source of food for the wildlife as not sure when to harvest them when green or red  very small fruit on them they did not take the dead wood away in the winter ,

So I better this year were I can as it though metal fence  handy as some of my compost bins are near by so easy to put cuttings into the bins

I will this post here for now happy gardening until next time

have a blessed day










Garden update


Watered all 7 compost bins this morning with rain water not tap water this
one will soon be ready to empty if I remember not to keep feeding it getting very heavy to turn and with this one it an indication it needs to empty
I keep loosing my gardening motivator and I get frustrated with my self every one sowing seeds while I am still trying to get the growing area ready not sure when the church are coming if not I have to see what I can do on my own.

I have been sowing some seeds


The coriander is the first to germinate


so far nothing coming up

i took them out the big jar and placed them on a tea towel and left them in the airing cupboard to dry then their made this two jars full

dierd chillies.JPG

Now i am not sure what to do with this tree

that a close up i think it needs moving  as it to close to the house here is another view of it

the tree so far has 3 names for it  ficus,pyrantha, Constantia if anyone knows the right

one let me know


PTDC0011.JPG12733398_1285829311444036_1201556860365324325_nMy rhubarb has it 2nd leaf on it PTDC0001.JPG

Well until next happy gardening ,composting  have a blessed day



Look what arrived this morning

David kindly surprised with this lovely Kitchen garden kit as he hurt his back last week and had to be laid up and on the sofa as a thank you gift

we have chivies,parsley ,coriander. basil  sown in that order

David looking forward to watching them grow as he kindly put a bit of wood for me

to be able  place the box on


PTDC0006 (2)

Last harvest of chill’s last seasons  

and while I  was in the greenhouse I pick the last of last season chill’s and all David did was place them all in a jar with an a tight jar so never tried storing them this way  be for

so if anyone  can advice if it alright this way please kindly  do so down below

Started my chilli kit

I got this last year at a car boot stall so i thought i would start it today




STARTEDchilli kit.JPG



I have put them in my greenhouse and we will see how their do


papper waiting to be cut up.JPG

shreeded paper for compost.JPG

Here i cut the paper up into strips and bag up ready for my compost pile when i add my different layers to my compost bins deepening which one i am feeding


I took a photo of the red champagne Rhubarb today just to see how it doing


not looking to bad as i lost my 2 i got last year  nothing came of them