Front side sloping border

I must try and tidy this up but do not like working on a slop feel very unsafe trying to clear it and dizzy I prune some evening primrose and fennel herb not bulb that you can also grow but i do not have much luck these were already here when we move into here  but with what i have pruned i have re poked the steams into near my rosemary to help make natural hedging  hopefully in the back garden and quickly dug it over the red celery is doing well we will re do a video shortly and one in my own greenhouse .


word press are not letting me upload again never mind
great time was had by all
seed tapes first flour and water ruler your seeds of cause scissors you make 3 strips out of kitchen ,napkins , tissue paper felt tip pen


then you cut 32 branches with pruners then lay them as you see then get your stump and a shorter piece then a thinner pit for the very  top


Now have a look after it winter prune  which happen last weekend

just gone

the other one is my neighbours and he never prunes his  at all and all the prunes we left on the ground  for shelter for the animals over winter and pushed the trampoline up against the pile

yes we noticed our neighbours shed has caved in partly

not sure what happen last month did post but hope this one dose not vanish