Good news we found our new home

We move in on the first of December 2014

here are just some of the picks taken form the add about the house 70993_2102392553B_P1156_IMG_01_0000_max_135x100this the front of the house

70993_2102392553B_P1156_IMG_15_0000_max_135x100This is at the very end of the garden looking up to the house in the back garden  by the gate leading in to field for walks with dogs

70993_2102392553B_P1156_IMG_03_0000_max_135x100This is standing from the house end looking down  quite a nice blank canvass as they say  so will update you again once we moved in all my fruit tress and greenhouse will be coming and it will be wildlife friendly as well and I be planting for the local bats as well as bees and all the other wildlife insects  and garden birds and hedgehogs if I can locate my too I will take them too just in case the folk that move into our old house are not animal friendly

have a blessed weekend  and God Bless

looking forward to hearing them and hopefull seeing them


We still looking for somewere to move to as yet we have not found anywhere


He has a lovely selection of garden birds and wildlife visiting his garden day and night

At present I am to stress even writing this is causing my get pain I can not think straight

or spell correctly

for those who do not follow me on facebook here is my new find for honey locally

I need to clear some of my photos again it will not let me upload the photo

your all in my thoughts even though I am not blogging at present

have a blessed week