Wedding ring found

David found the ring

David found the ring

Thank you everyone who gave me encouragement that we would find my wedding ring



Spent a lovely afternoon reading it nearly forgot to sort tea out I was so engross in it ,but I could not do much outside to day apart from letting the dogs out when their need it

Web cam’s come in useful when you want to take a photo of your self

my lovely book I won on Jo's blog give away last week

my lovely book I won on Jo’s blog give away last week

Lots of practical tips in side ideal present for any gardener I think I need to higher my monitor as I was looking at the camera but it does not look like it looking at the photo

it been quite dull again to day with raining on and off all day has not made my job easy of looking for my wedding ring it came of while throwing sticks for the dogs yesterday but did not realise unto it was dark out side it’s only when I was in the bathroom I realised it had come off been out with a torch 5 times today but not a sign of it never mind
I been trying to lose some weight and both my engagement and wedding rings have been coming lose I left the engagement ring in my jewel box as I do not want to lose that as well has been odd with out them on praying it will turn up soon


Taken this morning wondering if I should put some nesting items in the bird box ? but nice to see both of them looking in the box this morning would be nice if they just roost in their of a night we will have to watch this space as their say too wet to do any gardening as much as I am itching to do some but full of cold again but want to do video of garden before February