Lovely parcel from Annick all the way from Germany

Lovely parcel from Annick all the way from Germany


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The post lady has just dropped this lovely seedy parcel off looking forward to get sowing shortly just not sure were to start

1 red chilli
1pk aubergines (Rouge de turqie)
1pk cauliflower (de jesi)
1pk Granatpfel Alhambra (punica granatum nana ) I believe this one is a pomegranate
1pk wassermelone ( sugar baby )
1 pk sellerie ( monarch )

1pk Dreschflegel ( Biologisches saatugut)
1pk cardd (Blanco avorio)
1pk pea ( kelvedon )

I hope I spelt everything correctly as I do not know germen but I understand how to sow seeds



Spent a lovely afternoon reading it nearly forgot to sort tea out I was so engross in it ,but I could not do much outside to day apart from letting the dogs out when their need it

Web cam’s come in useful when you want to take a photo of your self

my lovely book I won on Jo's blog give away last week

my lovely book I won on Jo’s blog give away last week

Lots of practical tips in side ideal present for any gardener I think I need to higher my monitor as I was looking at the camera but it does not look like it looking at the photo

it been quite dull again to day with raining on and off all day has not made my job easy of looking for my wedding ring it came of while throwing sticks for the dogs yesterday but did not realise unto it was dark out side it’s only when I was in the bathroom I realised it had come off been out with a torch 5 times today but not a sign of it never mind
I been trying to lose some weight and both my engagement and wedding rings have been coming lose I left the engagement ring in my jewel box as I do not want to lose that as well has been odd with out them on praying it will turn up soon

Save Some Money On Seeds

awesome read

Our Garden Diary


January is nearly over, that means spring is here on its way s-l-o-w-l-y. It’s not long now till we can finally start sowing some seeds, I know that for some people they have already been able to start because they have heated greenhouses and special lighting equipment – I unfortunately do not have that luxury 😦

Not to worry though because with February just around the corner there are a number of plants that you can begin sowing for early crops including: beetroots, carrots, certain peas, radishes, tomatoes…

There being nothing much to do in winter, many of us who haven’t been up to much else in the garden have been planning what to do in the year ahead and choosing seeds to order. Although seeds are cheaper than buying small or established plants, the cost for a few packets can quickly add up. The best alternative is to obviously…

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