Garden update


Watered all 7 compost bins this morning with rain water not tap water this
one will soon be ready to empty if I remember not to keep feeding it getting very heavy to turn and with this one it an indication it needs to empty
I keep loosing my gardening motivator and I get frustrated with my self every one sowing seeds while I am still trying to get the growing area ready not sure when the church are coming if not I have to see what I can do on my own.

I have been sowing some seeds


The coriander is the first to germinate


so far nothing coming up

i took them out the big jar and placed them on a tea towel and left them in the airing cupboard to dry then their made this two jars full

dierd chillies.JPG

Now i am not sure what to do with this tree

that a close up i think it needs moving  as it to close to the house here is another view of it

the tree so far has 3 names for it  ficus,pyrantha, Constantia if anyone knows the right

one let me know


PTDC0011.JPG12733398_1285829311444036_1201556860365324325_nMy rhubarb has it 2nd leaf on it PTDC0001.JPG

Well until next happy gardening ,composting  have a blessed day