Our Talk was about fuchsia from one of our members called Gary More

I  brought a bog of rhubarb for 50p two fuchsia cuttings  a peony  yellow tree and i think the pink one is a Mollie no label with it




My porridge oat meal sourdough starter

I have just taken this out of the freezer I started to make it last week after watching Patti Alderman’s sourdough starter from scratch to making bread which she did yesterday

you can watch them all  so i just waiting to see how they look once they came pot the oven


Can you bake your own white loaf for 47p


so mined is slowly thawing in my mixing bowl  so hopefully  i be showing you some dough going for it first rise then then i will shape it into loaves and rolls all being well  the problem i have is that my David things it is  cheaper to buy from the store rather than making it at home as he thinks it more costly to bake at home


Can you bake your own white loaf for 47p


So I have thawed and i have made the dough and not it is having it first proof









this morning i will be baking here are the loafs after shaping in to loafs  yesterday afternoon

once i delete some you can see how much the bowl  one has risen


the next ones you will see are after I have cooked them

Well i am very pleased with them i would normal only make one or two but was following a recipe  but love the look and and taste of them video will be added on the end of this when finished uploading as i did stills as well as videoing photo(7)

that the smallest one i cut into and i have had 3 dogs agree very nice  indeed



all sorts











Zero Waste (ish) Ice Lollies