Back garden photos

I took these this morning and as I have to keep deleting some of my photo to put new ones up I am trying out this app with Instagram and movie maker to make a slide show for the blog  so far so good .

when you look at the long hedge were I tried to grow under neath it it looks impossible to as it keeps coming further out THE HEDGE UNLESS I TRIM IT EVERY MONTH

in middle if cleaning greenhouse out the white netting hiding my courgette is out side I was afraid I would loose all my fruit with it sitting on shelving and not in the right size put to start with so  I used what I had  the time

I have not taken photo but the grapevine is doing good it next doors last year I kept pruning it only  once and it another source of food for the wildlife as not sure when to harvest them when green or red  very small fruit on them they did not take the dead wood away in the winter ,

So I better this year were I can as it though metal fence  handy as some of my compost bins are near by so easy to put cuttings into the bins

I will this post here for now happy gardening until next time

have a blessed day










Update on back garden

I was going to put video on of greenhouse but wordpress will not except for some reason    first too are from upstairs window we cut back the blackberry bush and uncovered the little pond the blue on which did have a little frog in but have not seen him lately and I unmoved and moved the bug hotel along a bit new photo to come shortly

I was surprised how much more room we have  I am going to use the hedge clippers next time David used hand shears this time round and I just pushed the clippings back under Neath the bush for the wildlife to use over winter

the dogs are fine and the birds are doing fine as well

just got to get the borders and veg area sorted for next spring

have a blessed day and stay safe and happy gardening



Trying to oragnise my day better as current i am spending more time catching up on watching You Tube than doing house work or my garden

Monday Art Art Art Lunch and catch up on emails Poo pick and tidy one border up Get ready for David coming home
Tuesday Emails and you tubes Plant bulbs in back garden Trim grapevine Go and see Ann and Tony Swipe kitchen floor Get ready for David coming home
Wednesday Put the washing and do some cards Sow some more winter crops Plant rare spud ready for Christmas Tidy the front garden up and dewed Poo pick and do something in the garden Get ready for David coming home
Thursday Emails and You Tube Check feeders in front and back gardens Replenish t bar feeder do some weeding Do some more cards Find something to do in the garden Get ready for David to come home
Friday Emails and You Tube Check feeders in front and back garden Replenish t bar feeder do some weeding Hover and sweep the kitchen and upstairs Poo pick and tidy one border up Get ready for David to come home
Saturday Poo pick and tidy one border up Check feeders in front and back garden Replenish t bar feeder do some weeding Shopping with David Poo pick and tidy one border up
Sunday Church Church Check feeders in front and back garden Poo pick and tidy one border up Sort out for art

So after reading Brey’s post the other day I thought I would try making a list of different things that can be swopped around  but just to get me moving and getting the things I can do with out needing help from other folk  like David when he needs to rest after  week of working  and let his Kidney rest

So far to day the bird feeds have filled up t bar feeder done  grapefruit prep for the morning for me Wednesday’s days and Thursday’s morning  with my breakfast meal

now going to take down the sunflowers and leave the heads for the bird’s to eat

I have taken the front garden  sunflower out in side bed so far  then had coffee and ham (tin ) and peanut butter sandwich

for lunch before going out to do the back garden ones  have a blessed day until next time keep gardening

Front garden coming back into shape

Front garden coming back into shape

After bouts of dizziness again were I have not been able to garden I just had to let things go the back is the same.

But I feel the front is more important to get back looking nice as my landlord drives passed post days or his wife dose.

So yesterday I took the plunge to see if I was well enough to just work on one side next to my neighbour’s garden still need to edge the grass edge



This was the first bit I did before I stopped for lunch which was coffee and rich tea biscuits and cream cheese and a yogurt

And here is the finished border as my camera’s batteries died so could not take a before photo of 2nd half before I started it.

I am still having problems opening my website that is waiting to go live a friend made it but for some reason I can open it to make sure I am happy with before I look for a host because once it up I will be putting my camera from my garden on it as well

if not I will have to try and re do it all over again

so if anyone has more knowledge about building website then please leave a comment below I would be grateful indeed

The dogs are fine and doing well the garden birds seem to of multiplied got lots of sparrows and blue tits ,great tits, starlings and black birds have not seen the magpie used to visit around 7am in the morning  sure he will be back as much as I would like to see them have not seem any hedgehogs or the bats but they only roosts ten minutes away in the local church in Holme Hale  one of the largest colonies of  Natterer’s bats

I have made a start on my oil painting it a Paul

photo (14)

Cezanne’s Apples and oranges not allowed to do it down at art class as you need to use white sprite and linseed oil  and it bit takes at least 2 weeks to dry before you can move on to the next stage and when completed still have to wait six months before you varnish it

You can still make out the outline this is called a wash it does not have to be perfect and our friends daughter paintings in the back ground

I had to a adapt my small garden cloches this afternoon  as it got ripped by the dogs I going to see if it holds up before putting cling film over it  as it come from the pound shop for a £1

As my growing area is close to the fence were they meet up for a barking match every five minutes it feels like anyway most mornings and afternoons

Now I have not been able since moving able to show any of the garden birds as there are not many places I can put my trail can without the aid of a tripod due to it having a very important bit missing which helps it stay on top off it we have the bit but keep forgetting to get some super glue and at the kitchen end of the garden not many tying up places to take the photos of the garden birds which I will try and readdress soon because I miss them as much as you do

photo (14)

And here is the back of the trail cam

photo (15)

So I leave the post here whish you all a blessed day and happy gardening  until next time