photo (9)     This is an all knitted stable set ready for a carol service tonight


12 days in our new home and garden


 Well we are slowly settling into our new home and gardens I still have the roses and grapevines to replant , but hopefully that will get done over the weekend I just cannot make up my mind to put the rose in the front garden or back garden 

FullSizeRender (4)



  This is the back garden and the dogs are having a good sniff around  through the gate at the bottom is our walking area come bridle path for the local horses we can walk round in a square right back to our home again .

In front of my tall bird table on the right-hand side coming back to the house you have 3 square veg beds but one has raspberry’s in and I have added my golden and my red ones to it so I have no idea if their early or late ones I will be trimming them down and letting the come up in spring.


I also put my gooseberry and blackberry bush in and dotted the fruit trees to make mini orchard area as well

The grass needs cutting badly but still awaiting on my lawn mower to be mended but you’re not meant to cut it this time of year are you?

If I can find my long handle flat shears I might cut with that to let my neighbour’s know I am trying to look after the garden and my landlord more importantly  as the last tenants did not at all and that is one of the terms in our agreement in renting this house out  .


This the front of it  and as you walk to the back gate I made a area for my compost bins  I have two in the back garden one which has grass mowing’s in and an empty one of mined that I have started to fill slowly as I weed

I will take another photo with what we put under the front room window hopefully

I am thing the right hand side for the rose what dose anyone’s think would love your advice please and thank you








Chicken Take away


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Chickens are delightful creatures. They are nosy and inquisitive. They talk to you and let you know what’s going on.

They run around. They flap their wings. The cluck. They have a pecking order.

They are smart.
They are funny.


They are also a bit ….
…. Stupid.

The thing is they don’t think about hygiene.

This means that they poo in their food and their water.

Obviously this isn’t good.

Ideally it needs a solution that the chickens can operate themselves. The concept is that they stand on a footplate and their body weight opens the lid on the food.

So the resident chef handyman had a cunning plan.

It’s a work in progress. This is the prototype. It needs a lighter weight to trigger the mechanism.

A similar thing should work for the water too.

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