View from upstairs window



What a lovely couple of days

Well I am trying to keep working in the garden even though I still keep going dizzy we do not know why while poo picking just now it was lovely to see the blossom starting to come on my trees

So I have to rest in-between jobs at the moment my next job will be weeding the rose border trying not to dig the Lilly of the valley in white I might get some pink for the other side where I am slowly filling up with perennial plants that keep coming back  each year .

The back garden is slowly coming on still a lot of weeding to do and I need to make at least two beds

From veggies or strawberry’s I am when I get them going to pot my spuds in two pots not sure which I am going to get as yet

So I just been out and taken photos of the front garden

After resting I was going to do the weeding of the rose bed in the front garden but I change my mine and went and visited a good friend and her husband Tony and come home with 7 strawberry plants and 3 tomato plants called Alicante as my yellow ones sungold   did not fire or germinate which ever word you like to call it

So I might have a go in the morning see how I fill got lots that I want to get down

I have not done the weeding but have sown 3 courgette seed do not know the variety as it came in a red envelope from my friend Julie Parry likewise the mangetout  and I think there was 12 in the red envelope so sowed them all never done them before so will be nice let’s hope they will grow

Went down to the Lovely Munch and Marble were you can get an array of nice food on a Friday from 12 noon to 1.30 pm  at the Pavilion School road  Holme Hale Thetford Norfolk

It was hard to pull myself away from doing the gardening when it is so nice weather outside but I had just finished sowing some seeds and needing to rest it come in handy it was lunch time


PTDC0001 (2) Prezi from David but the winds and mother nature need it more than I did for some reason

So back to the drawing board again I think so I will have to re sow everything again never mind

Perhaps some cold frames would be better even though you can do as many sowings at one time

As if I had a greenhouse?

We also lost a tree to mother nature and it was one that was already here so not sure of it name but will replace with a fruit tree of some sort soon .

I am thinking of digging a big hole and putting the base of my big bird table into it to stop it blowing over as I THINK David‘s idea would bring the fence down completely by attaching it with some more wood to stabile it from falling on to the fence and my bushes which I have to keep re planting  so watch this space .

so i will try and see how i do without the greenhouse for sowing things in for now and if i manage i will possable not bother with one i can use the airing cupboard to start things of and window sills in and around the house

wishing everyone a good Easter

from David and the dogs and me of cause