Manged some gardening in back garden

Well after the rain in the morning I did a few inside jobs, then it brightened up so  I went outside to clean up after the dogs. I decided  I would dig over were the dogs keep meeting the next doors dogs and weeded as I went and found these little gems i thought i had dug them all up early last month.



 I was surprised how many worms there were in their but I  did spread some manure over the bed a couple of months ago.

Felt good to be doing something good in my own garden will be raking it and might see what I can sow in there, I  do have some celery that looks on the thin side


This is the very first harvest of apples that I have had since we moved here sorry no label but going to an apple day next Sunday maybe if I take one along they can identify it for me.


 I have also sown some marigold seeds in my herb plant in all four small containers.



enjoy your gardens and see you next time


This is what all my harvest will be weighted on


I do not have a digital per and I will seeing how many home grown carrots I have soon

video will be up soon once I have filmed it






Now I have also doing a trail again on rhubarb you all know I not able to grow from seed  but I am having another go after watch a clip on you tube  by Life on pig row  ,Here is their Facebook link



these have been sitting in the fridge for moths in kitchen towel  so I decided it was time to sow them and only put a light cover of soil on them


These ones were soaked in water for an hour before sowing  in to the soil and lightly covered with per light  spelt wrong  I think  but never mind

so I  hoping I be able to update  you all shortly with little green shots of hope   have a blessed day





lates harvest from the garden

Well I have been able to re start potting around the garden and greenhouse again since hurting my toes a couple of weeks back now

photo (8)

Now I am scared and frighten of wasps as one year got stung 14 times but the other day family friends daughter wanted  some to go with her lunch so I had to be mega brave and picked some but their are so close together already planted when we moved in last December  but I will try and make the path wider in the autumn  .

Now the chillies were given to me by a friend  last Saturday I picked our first harvest and we put some in with our scrambled eggs we were having for breakfast and as David was getting them ready we only used one and he cut quite a large bit and put it in his mouth luckily I had some milk on hand as these are fiery ones

I used one without the seeds in our bolonages I made for tea last night got to find way to of keeping them once picked any ideas please leave a comment below  please and thank you

have a blessed day in your garden until next time

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