Well what a beauty this is I am just trying how best to give it justest in making it in to a nice meal



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28 of August 2016


Ask Believe Receive

Good morning, My landlord has re asked me to remove my compost bins again as they believe my compost is causing the RATS I stopped feeding the birds only have one birdtable at the bottom of the garden with two feeders attached to it  As they said that would be happy about  sometimes you can win some times you lose but i am looking on the bight side i move the ones in the back garden  apart from my round one  and see what they say  then


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While weeding the other day

I had a sticky eye since doing the long border and after having a rest for  a couple of days as asked by hubby as he did not want me to over do it, I thought I would try the bottom border and while pulling the stingers that have over taken  I pulled these up but no label to help know what they could be? 

Once I finished the weeding I will see were I will re plant them, one has leaves on the other dose not but sitting water as the root ball was so dry even though we had some rain. 



photo 1photo 2

I also moved the red current  bush but have not taken photo of it as yet, in it new place we mowed the back grass last night as we meant for some more rain again. seems normal nice during the week come weekend raining never mind .

Must get out in to the greenhouse needs a tide plus fruit forming on the cues and tomatoes   I had no fruit on Amish paste ones as yet first time growing both but looks promising  on the beefsteak ones but not going red as yet 

We still have our toad or frog sleeping in one of our compost bins  not sure why I  been water in over 2 days  because of the heat as when adding compost you meant to damp down before adding  to it.

Hope your enjoying your gardens have a blessed day.

Stay blessed not stressed 

weeded the back long border

must take netting of and cut back dead leaves then re cover the net




Well i thought i would finish clearing up the hedge clipping and weeds at the some time  and feeling quite please with my self accidentally pulled up some red hot pokers so moved some further up the garden as you cannot really grow anything when the hedge keeps coming out i should be able to get some lettuce and small veg in the winter

having coffee then might do the bottom border  still got to finish the front side border