Look what pass by our houes this morning


I was taken back to look out the kitchen window to see one go by we also or should I say David has put a new addition to the bug hotel last weekend wanted to know why he had not read in in any of my blog post




  new logs under neath                              

We had thinking we would use then in doors but the fire place is not big enough  so what a better place than under the bug hotel

We have not forgotten about putting the cams back up as  I miss them dearly but i want to make sure that we will not have to move again first but i am very grateful to my friend David Harazny for allowing me to put his cams on my home page  until  I get mind sorted out

enjoy your gardens, happy growing,and potting on


May tree follow

Well  my butterfly bush is slowly recovering from it hair cut it had a couple of months ago

the early morning sun as I took the photos have 3 bushes in all and they are looking good



my dogs











photo (1)

Hello my name is  Bess and a Labrador

photo (2)

Hello my name is Chocolate a mixture half Spring and half Alsatian

Hello my name is Hattie and I am  Basset  Hound


we are all recurse cases  and we love our mum and dad to pieces

black tap holding them togeter for now

David and Linda

We thank you for allowing us into your home

from Chocolate ,Bess and Hattie