Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries


The Realm of the Chaos Fairy

Okay, so this is a TV show, not a movie. (Maybe I need to change Mondays to Media, Music, and Movies Monday 🙂 )

Anyway, I just finished watching “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” which is based on the books by Kerry Greenwood. (I can’t wait to read them!)

It’s a fabulous series set in 1920s-era Australia and follows the investigative (and sexual) escapades of the daring, liberated, “modern woman” Phryne Fisher who occasionally interferes, but more often solves case for, the local constabulary in their investigations of murders and other crimes as a “lady detective”. It also serves as a stark commentary on the women’s, classist, racial, and gender/sexuality issues in Australia at the time. In between seducing an assortment of lovers and zipping around in her 1924 Hispano-Suiza, that is. She is accompanied by her sidekick and assistant/companion, Dorothy “Dot” Williams, who is torn between her sheltered, traditional Catholic upbringing and…

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