Can get frustrated

When your used to having a greenhouse it makes life easy for sowing and planting but this season I had to limit what I would like to grow as only using the bathroom and kitchen window sill you cannot put to many out to sow I tidy my table that is outside which were in old greenhouse   and now with I think the last day of frost I might try some outside on the table and see how that goes having a slight rest to day after completing the back border plus I using my golden claw to hold my trail cam to watch the pond

it nice to know that we have red hot poker’s might put some behind the fence facing the field along with some wild flowers to make it look pretty as folk walk by  with their dogs or ride by on their horses

So while waiting to make a bigger wildlife pond I am going to plant some lovely plants nearby for the outside of the pond so their already in place then it’s only the water plants that will need to go in I am also adding flowers to the current area as well to help get the flies and nectar source for the bees and butterfly’s

I put the trail cam on the bug hotel as since moving it is benign used this is a homemade one rather than a shop brought one but might get some to add to the garden in other areas of the garden

Just encase some would like to look at something else I have to try and get some more cams I miss my wildlife cams like crazy hence watching everyone one else’s at present

I just made a planter up to have near old pond and bug hotel  and I have planted two rows one at each end of the planter (BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) one row of( ANTIRRHINUM DWARF MIXED ) and one row of  (FRENCH MARIGOLD DURANGO RED) that sit either side of the

(BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) which also adds some colour to the back garden

And just made of only(  4 BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) in for front garden might move it to the back garden later I see.

So I watered the front garden pots this morning just saw a fly land on my window then a bird swopped down and got it amazing two quick to know the bird

Just mowed the front lawn it looks better than it was I just go backwards and forwards instead of up one side and down the other as it on a slope and I hate slopes back garden is my favourite as it on one level  and I can managed that

It been raining all day to day 2 of June 2015 so it been catching up with the house work as I cannot play outside in the garden


8 thoughts on “Can get frustrated

  1. lindaswildlifegarden says:

    Well we have had early morning rain but hopefully it will brighten up as I have one more compost heap to move which had ants in it so hopefully the rain will help them move out as do not really want to add ants to the garden when it composted down

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