well I got the hose pipe out and gave my back garden compost bins a hose down then I gave the bins a little shake to help them move down the bin  I have not taken any of my back garden bins  but I use my front garden bins  instead they will get the same treatment later after baking ready for the flower show  photo 2I am still working out which 5 steams I going to use for one entry and can not make up my mind whitch farm photo to use


IMG_0852and for my garden one I am using my red hot pokers  hopefully  their will some on display later today to give me a better idea of what they mean my garden as only got tomorrow to get David to print them out for me

red hot pokersIi am trying to stay calm hoping a 9 inch pie dish with an inch cut off will be ok for my carrot cake as do not have an 8 inch cake tine

I let you all know on Monday how it all went  have a blessed day

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