My next projects in the garden


Is to turn this packing case into a garden tool and small pot store my husband’s boss kindly gave it to him for me in the old garden I made a herb garden out of one last year.

The tables behind will be going into the greenhouse which will free up some space for   other things

Hopeful I find some cheap fence paint so I can paint it to protect it

Just thinking on what to make the handle out of f  I got the 2 t bar hinges for the lid



Just waiting for the right screws to fix the lid on 2 the box and get some wood preserve to put on it

David brought home this small box that I am thinking if having salads in like radish spring onions  and baby beets and rocket  as it keeps coming back like cut and come again lettuce

photo (1)

I been slowly weeding the side were the hedge is it slow progress but it will be lovely when finished very hard to dig as never been dug before

And one of my other projects has also turn up this morning

The new garden pond


Needs a clean out but like the shelving for marginal plants

I cut the back grass this afternoon after having a tumble down the stairs quite sore but I will live as the saying goes

I planted t6o of the plants that I brought back from Easton College on Sunday just gone

Our greenhouse comes tomorrow sometime between 8am and 6pm in the evening  I hate just sitting still and waiting for  something to arrive


Even more so when it a lovely sunny day  out side

I was given some Alicante tomatoes the other day so some will go into the greenhouse and some might go outside in the bed when I get round making it

Well another sunny start to the day and I have water running of me 8am in the morning and I only just washed up from breakfast


8 thoughts on “My next projects in the garden

  1. Flighty says:

    It looks, and sounds, like you’re going to be busy over the coming weeks. I hope that you’re okay after your tumble downstairs.
    Happy gardening! xx

  2. Helen says:

    Stumbling down the stairs must have been quite a shock but glad you are okay, if sore.

    I hate waiting in for things to arrive, too. I hope your greenhouse arrived promptly 🙂

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