Guest Star: Ronronthérapie by Martine!



Hello Katzenworld,

I am Martine, creator of ronronthérapie page on Facebook. Ronronthérapie means “cat purr healing” in French.


I started this page in 2013 when I lost my beloved Kitty, a ginger, awesome cat of 12 years, who was the greatest purring cat ever.

Kitty used to sleep absolutely every night above my head, on my pillow and purr all night long. Unfortunately I also lost my second purring cat called Felix to cancer 6 months after Kitty died. I miss them so dreadfully. My page is dedicated to my sweet Kitty first of all, and to all the cats we miss and all the ones who bring us pure happiness daily, thanks to their purring power.

102_0296102_0295102_0294Purr healing  is so obvious for me. By posting links and pictures, I wish to demonstrate the benefits of cats purring to human beings.

All pictures are welcome and I am happy to…

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