Guests and Summer Goodness



I feel most lucky that some beloved friends have moved to the area and are staying with us until they settle in. Our home is full. Full of kids, full of laughter, full of parenting, and full of food. What a joy it is. I am grateful for all the bounties that summer has to offer.

As always, I’ve been doing a variety of things, including watering my garden and trellising my pole beans, sewing up a mini-storm, hanging out with babies and animals, drinking coffee with friends, and of course, making sauerkraut.

I have a batch fermenting on the counter right now, and tomorrow a friend is going to walk me through her process; she is going to show me how she makes spicy kraut for her family.

IMG_0723IMG_0731IMG_0737Awww, it’s so cute. A red checkered cloth can make all the difference in the world.  : )

Oh yes, then…

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