Zero Waste Week 2014

Thank you for sharing have a blessed week

My Make Do and Mend Year

Ever since going on a Rubbish Diet, to Slim our Bins, in the January of Make Do and Mend Year, I have been so much more aware of everything that we put in the bin.
I am now positively twitchy whenever we put anything in our black bin, and feel a big pang of guilt and have visions of whatever it is I’m putting in the bin sitting in landfill for years and years to come.
We’ve made some good changes to our lifestyle, and I heart our Green Johanna a LOT, but I have possibly got a little complacent and need a bit of a kick to move forwards and reduce our landfill waste even further.

So a big fat HURRAH for Zero Waste Week!


Now in it’s 7th year, Zero Waste Week 2014 is running from the 1st to the 7th September, and the theme…

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