Scottish Wildcats

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The Scottish Wildcat. Is one of Britian’s most iconic, and endangered wild animals.


Defining the Wildcat

The Scottish Wildcat, is also known as the European Wildcat. The Scottish Wildcat belongs to a subspecies of cat. The subspecies of wildcat are; selvestris, cafra, ornata, and lybica. The Scottish Wildcat is considerably larger than a typical housecat. They are a grey ‘tiger’ like animal, and perhaps that’s were they get there nickname ‘the Highland Tiger from’.

The defining features of the Scottish Wildcat, is their large eyes, and their long and ringed tale – their ringed tale is a way that they can be defined from a normal tabby cat.


The Wildcats are quite aggressive in nature. They are territorial by nature. Most cats, including most large cats, are solitary by nature, the Highland tiger is no exception.

They breed twice a year, once in May, the other in February. As…

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