After a fall: cayenne peppers etc

Lovely post Helen thank you for sharing have a blessed day

Growing out of chaos

Last night it was so balmy, all the windows upstairs were open to let as much of a cool breeze through the house as possible. It did occur to me that this might lead to a little accident – but then I completely forgot, to the point that I went out this morning (in a rush to get to climbing) and then again this evening to drop various children off without a thought to the still open windows…..

Back home again, I realised something was amiss. A number of pots had fallen over on the windowsill and I was sure there was a space where there shouldn’t have been. Ah ha! It was a pot of cayenne peppers which had fallen out and upended under the kitchen window.

Fortunately, the seedlings seemed unharmed by the parachuteless descent and it did galvanise me into action. The cayenne peppers come from seeds…

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