Admirable Deodorant

Lovely post thank you for sharing Sophie

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Before you wonder – this post isn’t sponsored.  No one has asked me to write about this product.  I do so because I’m a very satisfied and happy customer having used the product.  The company probably don’t even know I exist!  

Other products are available to buy (apparently)…

I really don’t get excited about every day toiletry products.  Things are bought because usually we either need them or…no I think it’s usually just because we need them.

Toiletries are really nothing to get all that hyped about.  But like other areas in my life that I’m simplifying and making better, I’ve cut out or changed all my every day toiletries to ensure they are either organic, not tested on animals, or in some cases have created home made replacements (to some success).

Of all the rooms the bathroom is one of the more expensive places to change products in.  Shampoo…

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