Bollywood courgette chutney first draft 2014

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horticultural 'obbit

Last year, I made a version of Pam the jam’s courgette chutney. The fact that it is very Bollywood was a key point. Today, I have attempted another version, but varied still in adding red sweet pepper.

Home grown onions and garlic as well as a patty pan were used in this. The courgette was salted before hand.

20140709-071417 pm-69257406.jpg

20140709-071415 pm-69255666.jpg

20140709-071418 pm-69258763.jpg

Was simple enough to follow through. Does look a bit untidy though. I did note, that Thane Princes tip; of parting with a spoon and parting the sea to form a channel was a very good indicator to have in mind.

20140709-071506 pm-69306696.jpg

20140709-071508 pm-69308077.jpg

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