Under the big cloche: mangetout

Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

Growing out of chaos

While it was still bright and sunny this afternoon/evening, I managed to get a bit more potting up done. Earlier in the day I had decided to buy some more potting compost from my local garden centre rather than driving down the motorway to one of my favourite garden centres, where there is an offer on the bags of compost. After all, as I don’t actually need that much of the stuff, why buy three bags and drive all that way for the pleasure, which would probably negate the saving in bulk buying anyway? And of course, I am supporting my own community by buying local.

Another job I wanted to do was plant out a third tomato plant – in the new area at the back of the garden. But just as I was digging the hole, the awaited rain started.

Great! Now was the opportunity to give the…

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