In the veg plot – July

Awesome up date thank you for sharing have a blessed day

alder & ash

TheGardenShareCollective300pix1Time for this month’s veg plot update. We’ve not been eating nearly as much as usual from the veg plot this year, thanks mainly to pigeons, which have been a menace. They somehow managed to get in through the fort I’ve built around the beans, and have eaten all but one plant. Grrrr.

This little update is for the Garden Share Collective. Hosted by Liz from Strayed Table in Australia, this wide-ranging collection of blogs brings together lots of us growing food on many different scales (from back gardens to big farms), from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and beyond. I’ve found it very interesting to have a monthly peek into so many different gardens and veg plots. (And I’m not at all envious of the folks eating things like pawpaw and olives, while I’m tucking into my yummy spinach and chard. No, not envious at all….)

Harvesting: …

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