My winter fall seeds have arrive


So I better get yo finishing clearing the green house out and tiding it up ready for me to sow even I still do not have the area completely ready yet


I still have my strawberry’s waiting for me to open them and let them drink some water for an hour or two it said an hour on the packet before planting them but not sure were  I want them two go  at present

4 of this


Then 2 of these


All nice summer fruiting ones   I have had no luck with growing them from seed  at all

I do keep trying if I get some on a magazine but have not brought many lately last year I was give seven from neighbor and they died on me never mind hopefully I have better luck this time a round  If I can get them soaking after this post

I think I need to change my routine again as soon as my David leaves for work I am in front of the PC doing emails and watching the You Tubes that come with in the emails  and some times they can take up to   all day  . Be fore I realizes I got to think of sorting tea out ,

Must say David is very understanding and the only one who moans is yours truly

Like when I do want to cut the grass the mower will not start for me  but I still have some new plants to plant sitting out side in the back garden on top of my BB Q  which we have not use at all this year  never mind maybe next year

We still not got the big wildlife pond in the garden but hopefully it will soon  be in by the end of the year praying hard it will be .

Well I end this post here and go and give these strawberry’s a drink

enjoy your gardens while you can have a blessed day

this has the 2 Elsanta crowns in





that has the 4 strawberry crowns Cambridge favorites











3 thoughts on “My winter fall seeds have arrive

  1. Helen says:

    I hope your strawberries are a success this time, Linda.

    I know what you mean about time slipping away. Getting better at getting on with things but there’s always room for improvement.

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