It’s sheep we’re up against.

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A song from my youth by the Housemartins, a UK band.

There’s a lot of water in Holland and alongside many of the canals, ditches and man-made lakes there are commonly, stretches of grass.

This grass helps the drainage too and enables rain to end up in the connected water management systems effectively but in a controlled way.

Keeping the grass under control is important.

But many of the areas are sloping and dotted with trees and shrubbery. And obviously they run close to water.

Rather than use machinery there’s a unique solution in my area.



This flock of sheep is in the district. They are moved from one strip to the next. They graze these inaccessible areas in a rotation basis. Meanwhile their ‘produce’ fertilises the ground too.

They are protected from dogs and other risks by temporary fencing and signs ask dog walkers to keep their pets…

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