Day 4: Zero Waste Week 2014

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Yesterday’s post got me thinking about creating a sustainable, delicious and temping packed lunch.  Although it tied in nicely with my theme of low effort/high impact actions (a bit of mere thinking isn’t exactly overdoing things!), I did end up with a bit of a headache. What parent doesn’t obsess over making ensuring their child eats properly?  Happily though (as I’d hoped) two of the other Zero Waste Week Ambassadors Liz Burton and Grace Hall did cover the topic of packed lunches, and both made wonderful jobs of it – you can read Liz’s post here and Grace’s here. For lots of inspiration, check out Grace’s entire site Eats Amazing.  My headache has lifted…

Today’s task is super-easy, but will still help me to reduce my waste. It was initially going to be about darning socks but, after my efforts earlier today at darning, I’ll just say it’s about mending socks!!

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