Of Neighbours, Backyards, Dreams and Compost: Part 1

Awesome news Liz have a blessed day

Green Lizard's Blog

Our backyard is about 6m by 6m. So only about 18″ by 18″. Out there at the moment we have:
an extended chicken run,
a wood store,
a quail run,
some pot plants,
a mini green house,
a solar fountain,
two waterbutts,
bird boxes,
numerous climbing plants,
a cold frame, (sometimes two)
and a wormery.
We have a table and chairs and an umbrella for sitting outside,
access to the garden shed, garage and garden door.
It also has the kitchen door and double doors to the living room leading into it.
Part of it is sheltered by a balcony too.

I’ve been thinking for ages about compost.

We do compost at the allotment but at the house it’s very challenging.

Compost bins need to be big. By their very nature these green daleks should contain 120litres so that enough heat can be generated to boost the decomposition.

On Tuesday…

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