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Growing out of chaos

I’ve just finished turning the compost heap – ie the one which new cuttings and vegetable waste go into. In spite of the hot weather recently, I was pleased to collect about 25 l. of compost which could go in the finishing off bin. For that to happen, I emptied its original contents into a bag, so coupled with what I put round the garden yesterday there must have been another 25l. of that.

If I were to buy 50l. of compost that would only cost about £5 – but £5 is still £5! I have read, in any case, that homemade compost is more nutritious than shop-bought, which apparently loses nutrients as it stands on the shelves, especially if kept outside.So, in effect, you might not need as much for the same benefit.

The compost wasn’t the only freebie I got today, though the other involved no hard work…

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