‘Go back to China’: Australian police charge woman for racist train rant

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The Daily Binge

Australian police have charged a woman for racially abusing passengers on a train after a video recording her tirade was posted online and went viral, sparking a social media backlash.

The 55-year-old, named by Australian media as Karen Bailey, was arrested late on Thursday after allegedly launching an expletive-filled rant at young children and an Asian woman during a Sydney train journey.

New South Wales police said she was charged with offensive language and will appear in court later this month.

Karen Bailey was filmed pulling her eyes back and using a mock Chinese accent as she yelled at fellow commuters, “What’s wrong with Hong Kong? Why did you come to this country? This is our country.”

Mimicking the accent of an Asian mother who stood up to her, the woman adds: “We go back to China. We go back to China. We have stupid.”

She then launches into another…

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