Budget Meals – Homemade Beefburgers

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Fiona Dillon Writes

There’s s lot of talk on Twitter at the moment about feeding a family on a budget. Yes of course I’ve been asked for my tuppence worth. I make no secret of the fact that in 2007 I was feeding my family of six on a budget of €50 per week. Yes, two adults and four children and we ate well ( I refer to this in my book Food from an Irish Garden). IMG_6384For some, being on a tight budget is just the catalyst needed to get sowing and growing their own fruit and vegetables. It was for me.
Now before I go any further let me say this.
I received my Pride of Ireland award for my contribution to promoting Irish artisan producers all over the country. I am so honoured to be a recipient and it is an absolute pleasure for me to interview artisans on my…

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One thought on “Budget Meals – Homemade Beefburgers

  1. silverbells2012 says:

    I always make my own beefburgers. They aren’t actually cheap, being made of organic mince from my local farm, but that is just about the only meat I eat (apart from liver, which is considerably cheaper!!).

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