Monday 9 -13 of June 2014

Well what a thunderstorm we had on Saturday then almost as it was over a heat wave in the air like we were going to get another storm

Can I ask you all if you see blackbirds with any rings on to help my friend Dr Dave Leech It very important work he is doing

On Sunday we managed to borrow our neighbours lawnmower to cut the middle and around my veg area when David did the bank outside the front you could smell the mint as it was cut I cut some kale leaves and some rocket and made a kale smoothie for myself and put the rest in the fridge did not take any photos as was not thinking but will do next time I am harvesting

We made a new feeder but it not in operation as yet as I need to put it to a pole but will show you when I am painting it

The bees seem happy to stay near my feeder not sure why I think their just so thirsty with this warm weather the dogs enjoyed laying around after the grass had been cut in the main area of the back garden

Washing out on the line nothing like drying you’re washing out side rather than indoors or in a dryer
Just saved a bee from drowning from one of my water stations might put a small stone in to help them climb out

Well I have finished the front garden weeding it so hot out their my clothes are sticking to me after a cool down the soft fruit area or the perennial bed both are in need of de weeding

PTDC0001 (3)

I got to throw a pair of trainers away now as the soles have parted from the body of the trainer

PTDC0001 (2)

On both the left and the right trainer

Just remembered my nettle tea and have just made one bottle up and water down the rest and made a couple of trips with a watering can and filled my upside down pop bottles in my raised beds which is meant to help with watering down to the bottom of the bed rather than just on the service of the ground on the beds


Well what a lovely morning again I was up @ 5am this morning it was just so hot I could not sleep and it gave the dogs chance to be outside before it got to hot this morning Just moved rover one to the t bar feeder for a change as some of the bigger birds enjoy it
Seen the woodpecker on it and I might spread some soften fat ball on his hole to encourage him to pick a hole inside the nest box


Well another lovely day I hope not to fall in the garden to day like I did yesterday not I caught up om my emails and You tube it time to play in the garden first thing will be doing front garden feeders as dogs are not allowed

Rocket spuds first time grown any seed potatoes came out of my raised bed still got some in a bucket but will do mine in ether buckets or bags next year as I still got to re go through compost again to make sure I have not missed any

Sun is out again which is nice I just love the way the woodpecker climbs around our T –bar feeder hoping to be setting a full time camera up on this feeder as well as one on the outside of the woodpecker box we going to try a new camera that we found for the red chalet and if that works we might do it to the rest of my non camera boxes

It was nice to be thanked by a fellow blogger this evening I was quite touched and thank you for your kind words


Well the sun is out again today witch is very nice in deed I have finished weeding the soft fruit area but have not taken a photo as yet as charging my camera up at the moment
have a blessed weekend until next week