Look what jumped into our shopping trolly today

This will be my first attempt at growing asparagus we got this one which is a high yielding (Gijnlim F1 )

This willPTDC0002

And we got this one Asparagus ( Pacific Purple sweet & tender, excellent for salads


Then this jumped into the trolley

And this is very good as you have two sections to it which will be ideal when planting out and as their is only two of us their are ideal I am sure I will be able to share some spare produce came harvest time I plan to get 3 more then that leaves the first bed David made I will have 5 raised beds one for items that do not need to be moved like the asparagus and rhubarb I only have one plant of Rhubarb at present .so might squeezes another crown in watch this space
have a lovely rest of weekend