Trying to oragnise my day better as current i am spending more time catching up on watching You Tube than doing house work or my garden

Monday Art Art Art Lunch and catch up on emails Poo pick and tidy one border up Get ready for David coming home
Tuesday Emails and you tubes Plant bulbs in back garden Trim grapevine Go and see Ann and Tony Swipe kitchen floor Get ready for David coming home
Wednesday Put the washing and do some cards Sow some more winter crops Plant rare spud ready for Christmas Tidy the front garden up and dewed Poo pick and do something in the garden Get ready for David coming home
Thursday Emails and You Tube Check feeders in front and back gardens Replenish t bar feeder do some weeding Do some more cards Find something to do in the garden Get ready for David to come home
Friday Emails and You Tube Check feeders in front and back garden Replenish t bar feeder do some weeding Hover and sweep the kitchen and upstairs Poo pick and tidy one border up Get ready for David to come home
Saturday Poo pick and tidy one border up Check feeders in front and back garden Replenish t bar feeder do some weeding Shopping with David Poo pick and tidy one border up
Sunday Church Church Check feeders in front and back garden Poo pick and tidy one border up Sort out for art

So after reading Brey’s post the other day I thought I would try making a list of different things that can be swopped around  but just to get me moving and getting the things I can do with out needing help from other folk  like David when he needs to rest after  week of working  and let his Kidney rest

So far to day the bird feeds have filled up t bar feeder done  grapefruit prep for the morning for me Wednesday’s days and Thursday’s morning  with my breakfast meal

now going to take down the sunflowers and leave the heads for the bird’s to eat

I have taken the front garden  sunflower out in side bed so far  then had coffee and ham (tin ) and peanut butter sandwich

for lunch before going out to do the back garden ones  have a blessed day until next time keep gardening

New seat for my new gnomes I am slowly re collecting as my last collecting were stolen will be painting it soon to persever it


New seat for my new gnomes I am slowly re collecting as my last collecting were stolen will be painting it soon to persever it

David surprised me with this lovely swing to seat on in our garden on Saturday afternoon

Well we had a relaxing Sunday as David needed to rest his body as it was in great pain

When it was cooler David mowed the back and front grass in his bare feet which I told him of for but he just loves walking  round with no footwear on

David relaxing after mowing the lawns  not sure what the book is and the bush is my gooseberry and black current  hiding David

And here is our Bess relaxing on the lawn

She is growing up so nicely she is 3 years old gets on well with the other 2 Hattie and Chocolate



Even though not everything is sorted out in the garden things seem to still be growing I have one or two tomatoes growing must plant in to bigger pots

Well it keeps raining at the moment not that I am complain about it will make pulling the weeds up easier

Some kind person has donated me some more plants for the garden and some lovely pots so now I can pot on some of the other donations

My sugar snap peas are doing well must harvest them never grown them before

I reported my asparagus this morning into a long trough witch will be their home for now as grown from seed

Still no sign of my rhubarb chitin as yet and that one of my favourite fruits I pick a few gooseberry’s but not very big at all might be because of moving it in December when we moved

It keeps raining when I want to go and take some photos of the plants

Well I planted some more plants into our wildflower area and also planted 2 down the bottom of the garden photos to follow shortly need to re fill the bug hotel were there are gaps in their

Hopefully the local bee keeper s bees will be happy along with the bumble bees and butter flies

We having 2 quotes done for helping us put the new pond in as the work that is needed would land David in hospital with his kidney and he will not let me have a go at doing it and if the rain keeps away our flooring of our new green house should be going down tomorrow night and all I got to do is trim the grapevine back until the green house is up and then I might let at as shading but my roof glass is already shaded I believe.

I will take one of where it going in the garden shortly

I was seating on our swing seat to take the photo  and I have dug half  my gooseberry bed it has some fruit trees in the corners  and I have a lot of grass to get out before they  set seed or they will keep coming back like mares tail on a friends plot called Aaron  have a blessed weekend







FullSizeRender (10)










were the pond will be going gooseberry bed

What a lovely couple of days

Well I am trying to keep working in the garden even though I still keep going dizzy we do not know why while poo picking just now it was lovely to see the blossom starting to come on my trees

So I have to rest in-between jobs at the moment my next job will be weeding the rose border trying not to dig the Lilly of the valley in white I might get some pink for the other side where I am slowly filling up with perennial plants that keep coming back  each year .

The back garden is slowly coming on still a lot of weeding to do and I need to make at least two beds

From veggies or strawberry’s I am when I get them going to pot my spuds in two pots not sure which I am going to get as yet

So I just been out and taken photos of the front garden

After resting I was going to do the weeding of the rose bed in the front garden but I change my mine and went and visited a good friend and her husband Tony and come home with 7 strawberry plants and 3 tomato plants called Alicante as my yellow ones sungold   did not fire or germinate which ever word you like to call it

So I might have a go in the morning see how I fill got lots that I want to get down

I have not done the weeding but have sown 3 courgette seed do not know the variety as it came in a red envelope from my friend Julie Parry likewise the mangetout  and I think there was 12 in the red envelope so sowed them all never done them before so will be nice let’s hope they will grow

Went down to the Lovely Munch and Marble were you can get an array of nice food on a Friday from 12 noon to 1.30 pm  at the Pavilion School road  Holme Hale Thetford Norfolk

It was hard to pull myself away from doing the gardening when it is so nice weather outside but I had just finished sowing some seeds and needing to rest it come in handy it was lunch time

First day of spring

First day of spring

Now when I was going through the old bereft case that I stored my seeds in it got left behind in the shed when we moved in December  but it was reunited to me a  week ago smells very musty some of the seeds were damp one of them were some broad beans I was going to through them a way in the bin but thought I would see if they would grow so I planted then it to a big pot with a tree in  and all the loose  seeds which were dry I just sprinkled on a small patch and we will see what happens

All these seeds were nice and dry that I sowed below

Chilli pepper (cayenne hot )

Onion seed (Bedfordshire champion)

Spring onion (white l white Lisbon)

Tomato (red pear)

Leek (Lyon 2 prize taker)

Now this came from Face book but useful if you do not want things flying around at night while you’re eating


The sun has been lovely this afternoon  let’s hope it is like this tomorrow want to put my washing out on the line

Today I have changed some hanging baskets around in the front one has yarrow in it and I cannot Rember what the other plant is but I hope it will look good and by the yarrow I put a small bird box  by it



I put some pots by the wildlife pond that needs a clean and some get some   Oxygenator & floating plants    as it has not had any it at all

I think they only used for drink cans I put my trail cam to have a look  and if I am happy with the pots their I will plant them properly in that area and I might replace the blue washing up bowl  pond with a red washing up bowl but I will drain the water into another container then use my sieve to catch the dead flies or bees I take a close look  and if there any pond wildlife they can crawl back into the new pond

On Sunday morning 22/03/2015

I found this lovely  vase of Daffolds  what a nice surprise on my doorstep  they smell lovely pity I do not  have  FLOWER PRESS  otherwise I might press them towards the end of the week  as a keep sake  .


Then I was put out of action by getting David’s man flu hate beaning laid up when I got so much to do garden wise  just starting to fill a bit better in myself again

keep going dizzy if i climb up a stool do not know why i do not like leaving everything for David to do all the time

have a blessed weekend

Thursday the 20 of March TO Sunday the 23 of March 2014

I still have around four compost bins to do but I am going to try something new with one of them I have a garden claw

So we will see how easy or not it is to turn my compost over with

Birds have been busy as normal will have to set some lights up to see if we can see them taking nesting items

What a lovely Sunny day it is today the sun is out and David crept out with my camera while I was weeding the soft fruit area video uploading at the moment

I have finished weeding the area but I have two things to sort out where the grapevine is there is not a lot of sun so I am thinking of moving them a long a bit and 2nd looking for a 35 cm across pot to put my cape –gooseberry into and putting back into the greenhouse to live .

The post lady brought a parcel from a fellow YouTube who I follow a couple of weeks ago he was giving away some red onions so I left a message if he had any spare I would like some as never grown any onions before so looking forward to planting them shortly just need to top the bed with some more compost before I can plant them

I have two pots of yarrow one of the bees favourite plants and I am just wondering if to plant some near the soft fruit as well as near the raised beds then down into the wild area of the garden ,

It’s been cold and a bit rainier to day so much is shooting up in the greenhouse and in my first raised bed I be putting some bubble wrap over it to night

I am currently keeping an eye on three nest 2 enclosed and one open a collard dove

Have a nice week until next time