New seat for my new gnomes I am slowly re collecting as my last collecting were stolen will be painting it soon to persever it


New seat for my new gnomes I am slowly re collecting as my last collecting were stolen will be painting it soon to persever it

David surprised me with this lovely swing to seat on in our garden on Saturday afternoon

Well we had a relaxing Sunday as David needed to rest his body as it was in great pain

When it was cooler David mowed the back and front grass in his bare feet which I told him of for but he just loves walking  round with no footwear on

David relaxing after mowing the lawns  not sure what the book is and the bush is my gooseberry and black current  hiding David

And here is our Bess relaxing on the lawn

She is growing up so nicely she is 3 years old gets on well with the other 2 Hattie and Chocolate



Even though not everything is sorted out in the garden things seem to still be growing I have one or two tomatoes growing must plant in to bigger pots

Well it keeps raining at the moment not that I am complain about it will make pulling the weeds up easier

Some kind person has donated me some more plants for the garden and some lovely pots so now I can pot on some of the other donations

My sugar snap peas are doing well must harvest them never grown them before

I reported my asparagus this morning into a long trough witch will be their home for now as grown from seed

Still no sign of my rhubarb chitin as yet and that one of my favourite fruits I pick a few gooseberry’s but not very big at all might be because of moving it in December when we moved

It keeps raining when I want to go and take some photos of the plants

Well I planted some more plants into our wildflower area and also planted 2 down the bottom of the garden photos to follow shortly need to re fill the bug hotel were there are gaps in their

Hopefully the local bee keeper s bees will be happy along with the bumble bees and butter flies

We having 2 quotes done for helping us put the new pond in as the work that is needed would land David in hospital with his kidney and he will not let me have a go at doing it and if the rain keeps away our flooring of our new green house should be going down tomorrow night and all I got to do is trim the grapevine back until the green house is up and then I might let at as shading but my roof glass is already shaded I believe.

I will take one of where it going in the garden shortly

I was seating on our swing seat to take the photo  and I have dug half  my gooseberry bed it has some fruit trees in the corners  and I have a lot of grass to get out before they  set seed or they will keep coming back like mares tail on a friends plot called Aaron  have a blessed weekend







FullSizeRender (10)










were the pond will be going gooseberry bed

My next projects in the garden


Is to turn this packing case into a garden tool and small pot store my husband’s boss kindly gave it to him for me in the old garden I made a herb garden out of one last year.

The tables behind will be going into the greenhouse which will free up some space for   other things

Hopeful I find some cheap fence paint so I can paint it to protect it

Just thinking on what to make the handle out of f  I got the 2 t bar hinges for the lid



Just waiting for the right screws to fix the lid on 2 the box and get some wood preserve to put on it

David brought home this small box that I am thinking if having salads in like radish spring onions  and baby beets and rocket  as it keeps coming back like cut and come again lettuce

photo (1)

I been slowly weeding the side were the hedge is it slow progress but it will be lovely when finished very hard to dig as never been dug before

And one of my other projects has also turn up this morning

The new garden pond


Needs a clean out but like the shelving for marginal plants

I cut the back grass this afternoon after having a tumble down the stairs quite sore but I will live as the saying goes

I planted t6o of the plants that I brought back from Easton College on Sunday just gone

Our greenhouse comes tomorrow sometime between 8am and 6pm in the evening  I hate just sitting still and waiting for  something to arrive


Even more so when it a lovely sunny day  out side

I was given some Alicante tomatoes the other day so some will go into the greenhouse and some might go outside in the bed when I get round making it

Well another sunny start to the day and I have water running of me 8am in the morning and I only just washed up from breakfast