Can get frustrated

When your used to having a greenhouse it makes life easy for sowing and planting but this season I had to limit what I would like to grow as only using the bathroom and kitchen window sill you cannot put to many out to sow I tidy my table that is outside which were in old greenhouse   and now with I think the last day of frost I might try some outside on the table and see how that goes having a slight rest to day after completing the back border plus I using my golden claw to hold my trail cam to watch the pond

it nice to know that we have red hot poker’s might put some behind the fence facing the field along with some wild flowers to make it look pretty as folk walk by  with their dogs or ride by on their horses

So while waiting to make a bigger wildlife pond I am going to plant some lovely plants nearby for the outside of the pond so their already in place then it’s only the water plants that will need to go in I am also adding flowers to the current area as well to help get the flies and nectar source for the bees and butterfly’s

I put the trail cam on the bug hotel as since moving it is benign used this is a homemade one rather than a shop brought one but might get some to add to the garden in other areas of the garden

Just encase some would like to look at something else I have to try and get some more cams I miss my wildlife cams like crazy hence watching everyone one else’s at present

I just made a planter up to have near old pond and bug hotel  and I have planted two rows one at each end of the planter (BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) one row of( ANTIRRHINUM DWARF MIXED ) and one row of  (FRENCH MARIGOLD DURANGO RED) that sit either side of the

(BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) which also adds some colour to the back garden

And just made of only(  4 BEGONIA SEMPERLORENS GREEN LEAF MIXED) in for front garden might move it to the back garden later I see.

So I watered the front garden pots this morning just saw a fly land on my window then a bird swopped down and got it amazing two quick to know the bird

Just mowed the front lawn it looks better than it was I just go backwards and forwards instead of up one side and down the other as it on a slope and I hate slopes back garden is my favourite as it on one level  and I can managed that

It been raining all day to day 2 of June 2015 so it been catching up with the house work as I cannot play outside in the garden

Refilling the tea bar feeder

M2E56L190-190R393B312Now i fill this with two kinds of filling  today was lard but some times i treat them to peanut butter

i get most kinds of birds on here from the wood pigeon to the starlings  and black birds in my old garden the wood pecker but have not seen him as yet in this garden  my Maggie seems to be camera shire  at the moment

not much planting or digging has been done so far i am slowly re building my seeds up as  briefcase with them in was left behind in the old potting shed  by accident

But when i do put new plants it be wildlife friendly ones and hedges  have a blessed week until next time

June the 2nd to 6 of June 2014

Well I had a lovely weekend Sunday being my birthday I made homemade cinnamon rolls as that’s what I wanted instead of a cake this year

We went to Easton‘s collage open day where a friend of David’s husband works in the Nursery their teaching about plants and the such so how could I not go along and support I even took some of my seedlings along as well


Here is a list of what I brought back with me
Golden marjoram
Rosmarinus officnalis (rosemary)
Buddleia (flower power)
Lamium (dead nettle)
2 Hydrangea assorted
Salvia x saltires( blue hill )
Pelargonium (lavender)


My husband David gave me this for my present taken at my mothering laws before going to Easton collage

I forgot to take a before photo but I decided it was time to tame the wild flowers (stinging nettle’s and a thistle ) from taking over the front garden and trying to suffocate the roses so it was time to say you must go even had a mole hill in the front garden so I planted a lovely ground cover plant called Lamium (dead nettle) I will not mind it covering the front gravel as David does not like the gravel that was put down by the landlord before his parents moved in many moons ago

I painted and sprayed the outside of the greenhouse today the roof might need someone tall who can aim higher than me and as it glass I am not going to try and climb up to do it my self


Looks like we going to get some more rain I am still trying to weed the front garden it taken 2 days so far and even through it small it hard work trying to work round a car that is poorly again and even though I am the only one who dose the gardening try it keep the place tired dose get me down when David will not let me use his strimmer the lawn mower is still waiting for it pull cord soon the weeds will be taking over my raised beds at the side still think the beds are in the wrong place
Being under the tress but that the only place I am allowed to have then so have to make the most of it and do my best I am wee bit low this morning but never mind I pull myself through


It is raining this morning hoping it will easy later so I can finish the front garden I hate it when things drag on I feel I cannot cope I have soft fruit edge calling me and other parts and their only me as David is not into helping with the gardening side of things
It mainly rain all day but I did get another plant planted my 4 th butterfly bush

Well I woke up again to raining again but I hope it will soon stop as need to get outside get bored beaning inside when I got so much to do like take photo’s for tree follow on Saturday

what do you think

Have not planted just seeing if there would work but lined just need the soil now

Not sure if the hydrangea go with the herbs or not hard to know but when I cannot squeeze anymore in my perennial bed it hard to know where to put them I got to learn not buy any more plants and just look at them

Managed to do a wee bit more weeding in the front garden hopefully get finished to be able to take the photo noticed my hosta has been attacked by something but not sure what


As I was walking round the garden taking my apple tree photo’s for tomorrows Tree follow all my fruit tress including my peach have some fruit forming on them
Nice and bright but not sure for how long as we meant to be having some rain again

So I will wish you all a blessed weekend until next week


Well I finished planting all the plants we brought yesterday and planted the bulbs and sowed the wildflower meadow  and I potted on some aubergine as well and left them in the green house .




I will need to buy another bag of compost for sowing seeds and potting on and while the shops have a good deal on like 3 for ten pounds  currently .



We both had a pair of leaking wellies which I have turned into planters now

One has flowers and the other veg but you have to wait until they germinated to see them



There are David’s one with flowers in


and here are mine



We have had a relaxing afternoon just listening to the garden birds and the butterfly’s flying around reposition the squirrel feeder in the hopes of getting them in the garden even if it’s only on the edge of the garden it will be something   I put the trail cam nearby to see what happens

So watch this space as they say



 Watered all my compost bins 6 out of 8 bins I have it amazes me how it goes down each time I go and put things it  I have two which will be ready for putting on my raised beds in the Autumn

Not feeling to go so taking it easy got a bad head and feeling dizzy so not potting on today may be tomorrow hope fully






here are some sad looking strawberry plants  not sure why





and here are some more photo’s of the planted car boot fines from Easter Sunday




And this is what happens when you leave spuds in a cupboard

this what happens when you leave spuds in cupboard

Have a good rest of week enjoy your gardens while you can and your plots

Monday the 24th to Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Well once the frost and cold thawed and the sun came out the dogs enjoyed them self’s out side
And the birds have been busy.

And a bumble bee came and visited the greenhouse today and was quite happy in their

Tuesday 25 th of March 2014

What a lovely day it looks like it is going to be again fingers cross that is

was sent this by a seedy pen pal Zoe and thought I would share with my followers

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Very cold and damp this morning but the birds are busy

And I have had a great tit and two blue tits have a look round nest box one 2day
I have I believe I have one or two open nest but do not have any spare camera’s whether their live or trail type ones to put nearby at present

I just been down to the wild area were my hibernating Hedgehogs are that came from the RSPCA look like their might be a wake so I have put my trail cam out I had it on one of my peanuts for two days here are some of the photos




Thursday the 20 of March TO Sunday the 23 of March 2014

I still have around four compost bins to do but I am going to try something new with one of them I have a garden claw

So we will see how easy or not it is to turn my compost over with

Birds have been busy as normal will have to set some lights up to see if we can see them taking nesting items

What a lovely Sunny day it is today the sun is out and David crept out with my camera while I was weeding the soft fruit area video uploading at the moment

I have finished weeding the area but I have two things to sort out where the grapevine is there is not a lot of sun so I am thinking of moving them a long a bit and 2nd looking for a 35 cm across pot to put my cape –gooseberry into and putting back into the greenhouse to live .

The post lady brought a parcel from a fellow YouTube who I follow a couple of weeks ago he was giving away some red onions so I left a message if he had any spare I would like some as never grown any onions before so looking forward to planting them shortly just need to top the bed with some more compost before I can plant them

I have two pots of yarrow one of the bees favourite plants and I am just wondering if to plant some near the soft fruit as well as near the raised beds then down into the wild area of the garden ,

It’s been cold and a bit rainier to day so much is shooting up in the greenhouse and in my first raised bed I be putting some bubble wrap over it to night

I am currently keeping an eye on three nest 2 enclosed and one open a collard dove

Have a nice week until next time