Manged some gardening in back garden

Well after the rain in the morning I did a few inside jobs, then it brightened up so  I went outside to clean up after the dogs. I decided  I would dig over were the dogs keep meeting the next doors dogs and weeded as I went and found these little gems i thought i had dug them all up early last month.



 I was surprised how many worms there were in their but I  did spread some manure over the bed a couple of months ago.

Felt good to be doing something good in my own garden will be raking it and might see what I can sow in there, I  do have some celery that looks on the thin side


This is the very first harvest of apples that I have had since we moved here sorry no label but going to an apple day next Sunday maybe if I take one along they can identify it for me.


 I have also sown some marigold seeds in my herb plant in all four small containers.



enjoy your gardens and see you next time


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