Well I have a lovely early start to meet other master composters,master gardeners and food buddies.  We went went to meet a Coach that had picked others up from Norwich and we were picked up from Thetford sainsburys car park  to head to the home of the Garden Organic.

And one of my blogging friends was their Emma Cooper link to her blog is here


Chris Collins who was once the Blue Peter Gardner many moons ago and when he stopped being the gardener for Blue Peter he moved it lock stock and barrel to Manchester.

The speakers for the day were

Chris Collins his  advice was we could spend 15 minutes checking on our plants in the mornings.

Antony Roach from Earthworm Watch.

Mark Ridsdill Smith on Vertical Veg and his link to his blog is here

I did 3 work shops

The first one was talking about Vertical Veg growing with Mark how we can use different containers to grow upwards.

The 2nd one was bread making I brought a dough home and the will be baking  some time to day tutor was Alison can not remember her surname

The 3rd one was Tie dyeing we steam one of the hankies and boiled the other using only natural items around the garden was very enjoyable,

The whole day incredible my first time of going  and can not wait for next years to come round again.





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